Pitch a Page Puncher

Target carries an interesting line of toys now called PAGE PUNCHERS, where action figures are bundled with an issue of a comic book. The first wave includes Batman, who comes with Batman #408 (the first issue of the Hush storyline), Flash, who comes with Flashpoint #1, Superman, who comes with Superman (2016) #1, and Black Adam, who comes with Black Adam: Endless Winter Special #1.

Maybe not the choices I would have made… but there they are. What I’m asking you today is this: if you were putting out the second wave of Page Puncher action figures, who would they be, and which single issue would you pair them with? For maximum store visibility, the cover should prominently feature the character, in the costume you like best – as well as serving as a great introduction to the character inside! Choose wisely!

My selections:

  • The Question (The Question #1, 1986)
  • Lady Shiva (Birds of Prey #62)
  • Cassandra Cain (Batman #567, first appearance)
  • Jessica Cruz (Green Lanterns #15, “A Day in the Life”)

Walmart and other locales are also carrying what is McFarlane’s 3rd of 5 DC lines (DC Multiverse, Retro DC, 3-inch Page Punchers, Super Powers and 7-inch Page Punchers), and its a very fun line, indeed.

As for who I would want in series 2:

  • Wonder Woman (Alex Garner variant of Wonder Woman #601; Jim Lee’s leather jacket and jeans look is sorely underrepresented in the toys and collectibles fields)

  • Ares (George Perez-style, Wonder Woman v2 #6)

  • Shazam! (Would prefer classic, but I’d be fine with New 52 as well)

  • Magenta (The Flash v2 #170)


Agreed. Just a great costume in general. I understand it not sticking around, but I love it as a variant of Wonder Woman.

What issue would you pick for this? I think they’d most likely go with Shazam! (2019) #1, but given my choice I’d go with The Multiversity: Thunderworld Adventures.


IKR? We only have the DC Direct statue of Diana in those digs and a Pop for plastic representation of that look.

I couldn’t decide. At first I thought The Power of Shazam! #1, but only if the figure was of classic Shaz.

If it’s New 52 or newer though…maybe Shazam! #12, from Johns’ series? Its got Batman, so if Junior turns his or her nose at Shazam, then they ought to least buy it for The Bat.

Justice League (New 52) #0 would work, too.

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My only problem with starting people off with Power of Shazam! is that it’s a poor introduction if you haven’t read Ordway’s prior graphic novel by the same name. (We need it on DCUI!) Shazam! #12 is a pretty smart choice, especially if you go with the Ken Lashley variant!


Yes, the Lashley variant is the cheese!

Why, Junior won’t even know Batman’s in the issue when they see it in-store! They’ll get home, play with the figure a smidge, and as they read the mag, they’ll see Batman and say “Holy unexpected guest-starring gig, Batman!” and fall in love with DC for decades to come, all because of that book.


–Wonder Woman (Issue 1 of George Perez’s Gods and Mortals)
–Aquaman (Issue 1 of the Geoff Johns series)
–Green Lantern (depends on the Lantern, but if we’re talking Hal then Issue 1 of the Geoff Johns series [the actual ongoing series, not the Rebirth mini]
–Shazam (Issue 1 of Jeff Smith’s Monster Society of Evil)


Never gonna happen, and I have to guess they’re using these comics because they have overstock (though maybe they’re special printings, I don’t know), but my picks:

Batgirl: Stephanie Brown with the first issue of her run (or issue #4, a great standalone with her main suit)
Aquaman with the first issue of Dan Abnett’s Rebirth run
Wonder Woman with either the first issue of Rucka’s Rebirth run, the first issue of Tamaki’s run, the first issue of Rucka’s Year One (#2), or the first issue of Rucka’s Down to Earth run. There might be a theme here. :slight_smile:

I do think that the idea of selling comics with action figures is absolutely the right way to go, if DC can figure out how to leverage that into more DCUI subscriptions or more trade sales. Much better in the toy aisle than in the pokemon card aisle somewhere next to the registers. Though if they could figure out how to get them in the actual magazine stacks, or maybe even in the book aisle, that’d be good, too.


Spider Jerusalem (Transmetropolitan #1)
King Mob (The Invisibles #12)
Etrigan the Demon (Swamp Thing vol. 2, #27)
Death (The Sandman #8)

What? Why are you hitting that big red button marked “SECURITY?”


I bought the Flashpoint one of these! It’s really cool. Kind of a weird introduction to Flash, but I like that storyline so I’m not complaining.

I’d love a Robin version of these. Tim’s Robin #1 from his 1993 solo series would probably work really well. Though, most people who aren’t big comic fans only know Dick as Robin so I can see why that would be confusing.

Besides that, I also agree with everyone saying Shazam. I don’t know his comics well enough to suggest an issue though.

Impulse (Either Impulse #1 or Flash #92) Been a minute since I’ve read either of those so I don’t remember which is a better introduction to Bart. Probably Impulse #1.

Static (Static: Season One #1)

That’s all I have for suggestions for now. I’ll think about this though.


:grinning: Batman and the flash look awesome, too bad I can’t say the same for Superman who’s missing red trunk and red boot.


Wrong thread?

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Whoops, you’re right!


I am assuming they would have a reprint of the comic.


My favorite cover of all time, and it could be used for a multi-pack of figures:

I also like the modern suggestions in the posts above.

I would be happy with any Wonder Woman, honestly. Keeping my fingers crossed.


I’d like to see some comics Cyborg


I would buy a Rebirth costume Wonder Woman. I can’t believe McFarlane still hasn’t made one of these anyway, but I’d love the small Page Punchers form for this. They could include the first issue The Lies or Year One.


You know what they say about assuming my friend :wink:, and yes, these are special printings done for this product line.

You’ll be happy to know then, that each of the comics prominently advertises DCUI on its back cover.

Also, these figures retail for $9.99. Ten bones for a nicely-detailed 3-inch figure and a comic book? Sign me up!

I mean, I bought series 1 at Target a month or so ago, but still, sign me up, all the same!

Superman is awesome too (he’s so nice, I bought him twice :slightly_smiling_face:), and isn’t defined by his trunks or boots, my friend. :superman_hv_4:

In other news, series 2 of the line was recently rumored to be as follows:

  • Flashpoint Batman
  • Green Lantern Hal Jordan
  • Joker (Rebirth)
  • Nightwing (Rebirth)

Interesting. I guess if I had to pick an issue to correspond with each of them, I’d go with:

  • Flashpoint: Batman: Knight of Vengeance #1
  • Green Lantern (2005) #1
  • The Joker (2021) #1
  • Nightwing (2016) #78 (start of Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s run)

I was thinking that, or an issue of King’s Batman that TW features prominently in.

I suppose The Green Lantern #1 just might be a bit much for kids, so yeah, that would work.

Regardless of the figure’s alleged Rebirth base, I’d really love to see The Joker v1 #1, but eh, the Infinite Frontier volume works too, I 'spose.

I sure hope so! I loves me some Taylor Nightwing and the more exposure it gets, the better!

Nightwing #78’s already been in a Walmart bundle, so inclusion in a comic and figure bundle would be the cherry on the “sold at mass retail” cake for the mag.


Very interesting news. I’m kinda surprised about the Black Adam one - that one I was really assuming was overstock from the event. But you are the wise one! :slight_smile:

I am indeed extremely happy to hear that! This is the way!

I think HubCityQuestion is right about Flashpoint Batman and probably Green Lantern (since I think that issue of GL was included with the Walmart reprint line). I think The Joker would actually probably come with issue #1 of Joker War, and Nightwing will probably be the first issue of Seeley’s run. I seriously doubt they’re going to reprint Infinite Frontier stuff this soon, given how far back they went for the first wave. I also think that The Joker #1 (Rebirth), while it’s one of my absolute favorite comics of the last five years, is way, way too dark and violent for DC to want to use it as promotional material for toys in the kids aisle.

Your point about TaylorWing being sold in the Walmart bundle does indicate that it might happen here, and it would be a good starting point, but I personally much prefer Seeley’s run.