Pitch a Live-Action Superman Movie!

I did this with Batman a few times before, so I decided to do this with my second most favorite superhero in the DC universe, Superman! I want you to com up with many ideas for what a Superman movie and talk about it.

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Things take a dark turn in Metropolis when Silver Banshee, Atomic Skull, and Parasite join forces, but Superman has a new ally: Shaq! Er, Steel! I mean Steel!


Like I said awhile back, I would like a Superman movie by Steven Spielberg. To coincide, I’d go with Toyman as the villain. Spielberg would be able to make Toyman have a charm to him that makes him extra sympathetic. The plot would be an origin story for Toyman where a military company asks him to produce weapons for him due to his genius in robotics. He declines as he does not want to create weapons of war. The company then burns down his toy store anonymously (you can throw in a second villain to do that.) Out of rage, Toyman uses his robotics skills to create machines going by the Toyman alias; attacking the company. Therefore making him a villain in the eyes of the law. As for casting I’d pick Christopher Guest. I’ve always wanted him to play the Mad Hatter, but he could do both honestly.


No Lex Luthor. Save him for a sequel.

Open with Superman visiting an alien planet thats just been attacked. Rattled survivor’s warn the Man of Steel of a threat… Brainiac.

When he returns to Earth, he visits his Fortress of Solitude. A long hallway with a Phantom Projector at the end of it, with “pictures” hanging along each wall. As he walks by them, we see glimpses of Parasite, Metallo, Doomsday, etc. All imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. He stops at one near the end- he’s come to question General Zod about Brainiac.

Steel already exists and makes a cameo. Supergirl as well.save Superboy (Conner Kent for a future sequel with Bizarro as the villain for that one).


Almost overnight, Intergang starts raiding the coffers of Metropolis with incredibly powerful weapons that tasks Superman’s powers and patience. And as The Man of Steel wages a never-ending battle against the army of thugs --with the aid of Inspector Henderson, Maggie Sawyer, Dan Turpin and the MSCU–Lois digs deep into the origin of Intergang and their new found potency. Just as the battle seems to be taking a turn toward Superman and his allies, Intergang attacks Lexcorp and Lois discovers the horrifying truth behind Intergang’s origin.