physical or digital.

I’ve been reading physical comics for years and never once considered downloading a book. Just love the feel of a book in my hands. But with DC universe ive been reading the comics on my phone and swiping through each panel is a lot of fun. Really enjoying having so many comics at my fingertips.

For me it became a problem of space. I’m having a hard time justifying keeping a storage facility just to hold mountains of comics I don’t have easy access too. I never thought I’d go digital, but it’s a matter of practicality.


Yes, the amount of long boxes and lack of storage made me go digital. I bought a $250 ten inch galaxy tablet at Costco and the comics look beautiful on it. I do prefer the physical copy in my hands with both comic books and books but you can’t beat having hundreds of books on your Kindle, comixology, Marvel and now DC on one device that makes the art really look beautiful.

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Actually I should have said you have thousands and thousands of books on your device.

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Physical all the way for me. I like the feel and the knowing that I will ALWAYS have that book on hand. With digital I will never know if that book will not be available to read anymore (like some are doing with digital movies- ahem- Apple). Also, it’s hard to get digital books signed at a con.

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Both for me I’ve been collecting too long to just stop now. I love digital because I don’t have to choose what to bring with me when I go on a trip i can have access wherever I am. (As long as there’s WiFi :wink: )

The bulk of what I read is digital, and it’s the main reason I shelled out money for 15 months in August. I did just go out and spend a whooping $10 at the comic book store on Archie 1941 Wild Storm 17 and Batman 55 and let’s see them earlier this week I bought the Walmart hundred page giant Teen Titans number 3.

Since getting my annual subscription I’m sure I will no doubt be leaning more into digital. I still like having that physical book in my hands though. Still like going to the comic book shop. I plan on collecting most if not all of the new “Black label” books in paper. Those beauties are a must in paper!

depends both usually

I had to stop buying paper copies several years ago as I just didn’t have the space in my apartment to store them. I love the digital way of reading, plus I don’t have to go to the great lengths of looking in my various comic boxes for what I want, removing them carefully from their comic bags and then putting them all back. And on an iPad, you get close to the regular size,a comic would appear, anyway.

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Look at the Netflix phenomenon and excetera , today it’s all about experiencing the media not owning it . nobody here has stacks of DVDs anymore.

Love the digital comic selection on this site. So far my favorite part. But I still love my printed collection. I’m torn.

Blu-ray’s are dying, but you really don’t own it unless it’s the physical disc in your hand. If I can get the Blu ray plus the digital copy for the same price, i’m happy. The comics are a bigger pain in the butt to store. DC should start selling the digital along with their physical copies, then you could have it on your “DC Universe” account.

I have Shelf after Shelf of Blurays and DVDs (Close to 3,500 Movies and Complete Series). I have a library of Comics, Trades and Graphic Novels as well as a huge selection of Books and Short Story Volumes. For me, digital can never replace Hard Copies. Comics in particular aren’t as enjoyable digitally for me. I love being able to see tge ink on the page. Look at the intricate line work, etc… the art in paper is better, for me. I don’t mind tge digital format and it’ll work in a pinch, but habing a physical copy will never be equaled.

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Physical to collect, digital to read.

Digital for me. I don’t want to leave behind a bunch of stuff for someone to sell or throw away when I die. Also, takes up no space and can go anywhere with me.