Phantom Stranger Eaglemoss

I’m (slowly) trying to get all of the Justice League Dark members and most of the “DC Spooky” characters… I definitely am getting John Constantine next… Phantom Stranger here looks amazing though, and surprisingly heavy!


And here he is with Swamp Thing. If you all are looking for an opinion on these guys… GREAT quality…but expensive as hell…

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I like Eaglemoss figurines. The DC Classic figurines (aka the DC Superhero Collection) also include a magazine with some background info on the character. They are on the small side, but they are incredibly detailed. Every once in a while Eaglemoss will have a 10-20% off sale, usually around holidays.

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I just picked up Deadman and Constantine today!

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The Team! I need Doctor Fate, and Etrigan…

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Swamp Thing looks the coolest

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Funny you say that, out of all four that I have so far, he’s the most detailed by far. Note the little mushrooms on his back, from the comics!


Those are awesome! I have a few of their Batmobiles, but I really want Ambush Bug. I love that he’s reading the magazine that comes with him.

Where can one find those? I think I need a few
Swamp Thing for sure

@AnimalPerson, that’s the problem. This line of Eaglemoss figures are all discontinued. You have to find them either in comic stores (left overs or second hand) or on ebay. Even Eaglemoss doesn’t sell them on their site. I’m still hunting for Etrigan, Doctor Fate, Sprectre. One disappointment is Constantine though. He’s plastic, unlike the others who are heavy lead. And his paint job isn’t as high quality.

Ok thanks I going to have to start looking

@Horizon_Brave Eaglemoss has The Spectre listed on their website as out of stock. It might take a couple of months but keep checking it periodically to see if they restock. I ran into this situation when I wanted to get the Eaglemoss Riddler. Eventually they got more in stock, and when they did it was on sale.

@AnimalPerson Here’s the Eaglemoss site for the DC Classic Figurines. They also have lines of other DC items as well as other popular franchises.

Thanks for the information. I did go looking for Swamp Thing . There one on eBay It’s a bit pricey but I am still thinking purchasing it

@Beagle, yea very true, but I’m fairly certain that this line of DC figures is out of production. They do have a newer current line going on right now, but for the figures i’m looking for (Etrigan, Dr Fate, etc) I think those aren’t being made anymore.