“Petition” for movies to be mostly, if not completely, practical effects.

The Dark Knight Trilogy is highly regarded in the DC Comics film adaptations because of all the components involved. A large portion of that was a result of Christopher Nolan’s thoughtfulness and hard work expended to make these films. One such aspect is his heavy use of practical effects which embody creating miniatures and physical sets.

Therefore, I think it would be awesome if other DC Comics films incorporated and relied more on practical effects in other films. For instance, if Superman is using his freeze breath (on something like a barrel), the actor can visit a location where his breath will be visible and the camera captures that as well as setting up a camera to watch a barrel freeze in a natural state. Those two clips can be edited to make it seem like the actor froze the barrel. Or, if Flash is using super speed, then the actor can run past “people” who are mannequins pretending to be people.

Would anyone else like there to be more practical effects in films? What scenes could be adapted to become more realistic?


I have no problem with cgi or practical. All of either is bad, imo. It all depends on what they are trying to display. Superman, for example, doesnt really lend himself to practical effects. See the first four Superman movies and how bad the flying looks. It all looks pretty terrible now.
Batman, however, makes alot of sense for practical effects. No lazers or flying.
I only dislike cgi when practical would make more sense. Like in Indiana Jones 4, there was alot of cgi boxes and squirrels. Real boxes and squirrels would have looked better. But even then, when a practical effect doesnt work, it can take hours to days to “reset” the effect. I forget what movie it was, but basically there was a practical blood effect that wasnt working. Instead of cleaning all the fake blood, they let it dry and painted over it, then brought in fans and blow-dryers to dry it all up, only for the effect to fail again. This adds hours to a production, it might have been less costly and more time efficient to use cgi (but could have looked bad too) Its all situational.


I can understand that. Plus, some directors will try to include CGI that would mirror the exact look, purpose, and effect as the practical effect for a fraction of the time.
Your point about practical effects being unnecessary for characters like Superman makes sense, I just think it would be cool to have a human, realistic spin on superheroes that defy such themes.
One thing I do disagree with is Christopher Reeve having bad flying scenes. I do not recall the effects looking that bad. On the other hand, Star Wars, which was released around the same time, had worse effects. When the TIE fighters circled the Death Star, I noticed the green box around it, which clearly indicated CGI.

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I’m all for whatever the filmmakers feel will best realize their vision. That’s the freeing thing about a wide variety of tools at their disposal. Nolan felt practical was largely the way to go but he employed a healthy use of CGI when need be.

For Superman, I’d largely say CGI is the best way to render his powers. Yes, Donner and crew created miracles that still look great today but that was through a near backbreaking amount of largely new technological innovations and labor. If Donner made a Superman movie today (and it’d be awesome if he would, but he’s retired) I bet he’d use CGI for nearly all of Superman’s powers.

SN: The boxes around the TIE Fighters in certain scenes in the Star Wars Trilogy are a result of optical compositing issues. CGI only barely, barely existed when Jedi was made. However…it can be said that there could certainly be CGI issues in the modified versions of the classic movies. So much for them being “definitive visions”.


you have to realize that’s batman, and practical effects are good for him and daredevil and stuff but hulk, superman, aquaman etc… those need cgi obviously, but i’m all more for more practical effects, both dc and marvel annoy me with their lack of practical effects. Even though i don’t really like the new star wars movies, i love how they mix practical and digital effects, wish more movies would do this