Peter David Aquaman Omnibus

Originally slated for mid July, the Aquaman Peter David Omnibus is now scheduled to release on October 8th 2024! This is the Omnibus that I’ve been waiting my entire adult life for. This is the Aquaman comic book run that I grew up with. I was around 11 years old when the first issue of Time and Tide was released, and this was the time that I began REALLY getting into the comic book hobby. I hold this run in a place of spiritual importance, it means that much to me. I am beyond excited.

"Arm the Atlantean! Experience one of the seminal comic book runs on Arthur Curry (Aquaman) that influenced the character we know and love in popular culture.

Re-discover the story behind the protector of the deep, The Aquaman. As the King of Atlantis, Arthur Curry must rule a kingdom, while also being it’s greatest protector. As new threats invade from the shadows, how will this legendary hero also become the king his people need?

Collects Aquaman (1994-) #0-49, Aquaman Annual #1-4, Aquaman: Time & Tide #1-4, Tempest #1-4, and more."

One interesting thing to note: Peter David famously took his ball a went home over creative differences after issue #46 and Annual #4. Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett wrote issues #47-49 before the Eric Larsen run began with issue #50. The fact that this Omnibus includes issues #47-49 ensures that we will get the complete story.

Also Also, I would encourage everyone to read the Atlantis Chronicles by Peter David beforehand. Not only is it amazing, but it has major ramifications in the proper run.



[Works on contigency plans in case his killer whales ever turn evil and gain hands].


Nice always good to get a well love omnibus.


As per the most recent DC Connect, it is officially official!!!