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Looking for a DC Comic to read, but can’t make up you’re mind? You’ve come to the right place. Tell me exactly what it is your looking for- it could be a character, a genre, or something you’ve read or seen and you want to see more like it. Based on any criteria you choose to give me, no matter how vague or detailed, I will be your comic sommelier. All you need to do is ask The Question.

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Oof, that your/you’re typo in the OP is quite embarrassing. Pardon my error.

I’m looking for more spacey cosmic sci-fi stuff to read after I’m done with New God’s. Got any suggestions?

A good old Batman mystery. One of the less known ones

@RagdollRebel, you’re off to a great start with The New Gods – they’re the upper-most echelon when it comes to Cosmic Sci-Fi DC. (And make sure you include Mister Miracle in your read!)

But after that, you’re going to want to turn your attention to Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi’s work on Green Lantern, which has defined the state of DC’s cosmos for most of the 21st century thus far. It’s collected on-site as Green Lantern (2005-2011) and Green Lantern Corps (2006-)!

@Redhood.55520, I’d recommend “Strange Apparitions,” Steve Englehart’s short but impactful Batman treatment from the late 70s. Though seldom read now, this run from Detective Comics #469-479 served as inspiration for both Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman: The Animated Series, defining the Dark Knight Detective years before Miller’s runaway hit with TDKR. Most of those issues are collected here… I’ll ask about the others for you.

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Also do you know if there’s any more Jack Kirby stuff in the comics section?

I’d love to read anything with The Question in it, but this site acts as if the character never existed. Everyday I search “The Question,” and everyday I’m let down. Any ideas?

@RagdollRebel: Right now the only Kirby written comics on-site are his New Gods run, and 10 of his 18 issues of Mister Miracle. But 2 of those MM issues also include stories from his “Boy Commandos” series in the 40s!

@TheQuestion101, you’re preaching to the choir. The only on-site Question content right now are his appearances in the Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold series.

But I’ve already put in a request for Blue Beetle (1967), The Question (1987), The Question Quarterly, Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood, The Question (2005), and 52.

If somehow, you haven’t gotten around to reading one of those series, either seek it out elsewhere or drop them a request in the Suggestion Box subforum. The mods read every thread!

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As far as The Question, they also have the Renee Montaya backup’s in The Detective Comics that Batwoman starred in. Not the same but I guess it counts as something.


The Blue Beetle 67 books would be great. I have a couple reissues, and I love them. I’m looking to read the newer 80’s-90’s stuff. I have a few, but the ones I couldn’t get two of, locally, I’d rather not touch really. That’s one reason I joined this site; to be able to read them digitally. They could at least acknowledge the character exists by putting him/her into the encyclopedia. I, too, have requested anything The Question, but to no avail. At least he showed up in Action Comics 1005. That could bode well for the future. I just hope someone other than Bendis gets the honor of doing any long term project.

@DanTheManOne1 Thanks. I’ll definitely check that out.

I’m happy to report that The Question will be appearing in Tom King’s Batman #66 this March! Whether it’s actually him, though, or a figment or the Bat’s imagination… that remains to be seen.

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@HubCityQuestion Thanks for the tip. I’ll be there on drop day, money in hand.

I recently read STARS & STRIPES on here a couple of months ago, and would like to read some comics with Sir Justin, The Shining Knight in them, all I can seem to find is Convergence Worlds Finest. What other comics can I be on the look out for to find the Shining Knight?

@allengundam: For more history on the original Sir Justin, you’ll have to look to much older comics. Most if not all of his earliest appearances in Adventure Comics have never been collected, but you can still find his tenure with the All-Star Squadron from the 80s. Look for SHOWCASE PRESENTS: ALL-STAR SQUADRON for a reprint of the first 20 issues.

I’m sorry to say that the classic take on Shining Knight has been all but officially retired as of 2005, when Grant Morrison reinvented the character as Ystin/Ystina, a non-gender conforming take on the character who has since permanently inhabited the role. I find them to be a little more interesting than Sir Justin, personally. If you’d like to get to know them, seek out SEVEN SOLDIERS: SHINING KNIGHT and The New 52’s DEMON KNIGHTS. But if you seek more of the original take, take to the archives.


I’m looking for superman comics in which hes not just using his sheer strength to beat the bad guy. I love when they go into kryptonian lore and things like that. I guess what I mean is story arcs that involve the character that is superman as opposed to “I’m superman I’m going to punch you in the face until you’re unconscious”

I absolutely recommend looking into Brian Bendis’s current run on Action Comics, which leans more heavily on his utility as an intrepid reporter than being the strongest man in the universe. Plus The Question’s in there, which is nice.

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The current run of Action Comics is really great!!

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