Perhaps someone can help me with a BTAS DC Collectibles question

I noticed in the shop some of the Batman The Animated Series Collectibles, which leads me to my question.

Does anyone know if production is permanently halted on the BTAS Gotham Rogues Gallery set of 5 figures? Currently I see prices as high as $599.99 when originally it was around $174.99.


Wish I could help, I own quite a few got em all cheap, then saw the prices fluctuating from high to low. One thing I noticed about the limited edition figs is.; sometimes they’ll be dirt cheap, I believe it’s because they are overstocked b/c once they come down they stay there for a while, but if u don’t get em at the right time they jump back up. I believe, and it’s just a theory but it fits, once they start to unload a certain number of the limited editions they raise em back up once they sell what they need to make a profit.

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I feel like the line is coming to an end. So, they most likely will not be making more of that set. Maybe we can hope that they put each one of those rogues on separate cards.

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I’d happily buy Montoya on a single card.

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