People need to read more comics

This isn’t just marvel but, alot of people a just watching the shows/movies, it definitely shows in comic store sales and comic con as well (what I watched on the 2010 comic con thingy). I’m gearing that one day streaming and media will take over to the point of no more comics of just digital comics and it scares me.

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I’m not scared about the potential end of monthly print comics. I’m not even scared about the end of monthly comics in any form. Those models are growing more outdated each day, so it won’t be a big loss if they go away. I’m more worried about making sure that comics remain sustainable in graphic novel form. Kids aren’t all that enamored with periodical magazines anymore, but they love a serialized book series, and that’s the model that could get people to read comics again.


You have a point there, monthly graphic novels sounds cool if that’s a option they have

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I think you have a point there. We could evolve to serialized graphic novels, which I would find appealing myself.