"People Like Us " from Doom Partol

I just want to say thank you to DC and Warner for releasing an official version of People Like Us from Doom Patrol. Also this post is to let everyone know that it actually exists!! I’ve been listening to it none stop on Spotify. I know it’s a long shot but I collect records and CDs so if this, Titans, Young Justice, and Swamp Thing got physical releases I’d be on it in a second. What’s your favorite song from any of these series?


People like us is definitely the best. Can only add in my appreciation of them adding it to Spotify.


@ bluebeetle50 - Thank you for the heads up!!! Doom Patrol is a show that slowly won me over and “Danny Patrol” was an episode that blew me away! So many layers to that story, that was so well presented! And I collect soundtracks too, so this kind of post is something I definitely geek out about. LOL


I was so excited to see that they had released it, i can’t wait to throw my money at it and listen to it on repeat :slight_smile:

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