Are you watching it?


I tried last weekend and couldn’t get into the first episode… really wanted it to be good and pull me in, but it seemed very slow. I didn’t even watch the entire episode yet. Wa sit any good???

Watched first two episodes.

Solid plots that make sense. No logic holes.

Set in an alternate world in the 1960s, almost 60 years ago. So today’s Alfred is ?

Very good acting by all involved, but more than a bit over the top.

It is very very brutal, including intensive torture that seems to go on for days and many many killings.

It is not clear that THIS Alfred could raise Bruce Wayne satisfactorily.


I’m watching it. It’s a fun period piece and is a nice counter to the larger scale live action DC shows found elsewhere.

I dig the main title theme and design too.


I only have access to the first three episodes on Amazon Prime, but I love it. I think it’s great, though the setting was a bit confusing at first. I get that it takes place in the 60’s but the still ongoing public executions and stockades confused the hell out of me. However, it didn’t detract from my enjoyment and I recommend the hell out of it.

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Thought I would hate this but I really enjoyed the first episode and I can’t wait to see the next one.

My one problem with the time period was the executions because while the UK hadn’t abolished the death penalty yet during that time, executions weren’t public and they weren’t this inhumane. But it’s a show made by the same people who made Gotham and they tend to put in violent moments for the sake of being over the top. It’s a great show, though. But I feel like the very few DC connections only hold the show back from its true potential.

I agree the execution was over the top; while it was probably necessary for the escape; a public hanging or just a hanging would have been sufficient.

Went through all four episodes.

Incredibly well done but very brutal.

Sometimes jarring to see public punishment, small TV and images of Zeppelins. It also seems that the Nazi did not exactly lose World War II, if there was one in this world.

Hard to believe THIS Martha Wayne got killed in an alleyway.


Just finished episode 4, and Wow, I didn’t expect that tragedy to happen until later in the season. Looks like Alfie will be out for a bit of revenge. Interesting take on Alfie and Martha, makes sense and explains his devotion to the Wayne family.

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The main female villain is coming to London.

Do you think she will join.forces with Alfred in a temporary alliance to find the killer and enact a terrifying revenge?

@TurockSonOfStone: Wouldn’t that make for a fun to watch twist! Yes, I think it’s likely. Don’t know about you, but for me Pennyworth is turning into a must watch show. Hope it ends up here after it’s run.


Episode five is up in App.


Episode 5 listed and summarized but not available until Sunday, maybe Sunday night.

Found this out when I tried to play episode.

which app are you using?

Yeah, I had the same results, locked till Sunday.

EPIX NOW from Google Play Store

First Four episodes are available now


I’ve seen the first two ep’s, great show so far!

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Episode four atmosphere reminded me of the Wicker Man, especially the people in the town, especially two men in weird costumes.

They’re hiding something or
… someone.

My cable provider had a free preview of Epix, so I was able to see the first three episodes.

I like how London is an anachronistic mash up of the Victorian era and the 60s much like how Gotham City is often portrayed as a mix of the 30s and modern times. Since it’s made by the people responsible for Gotham, it kind of feels like an extension of that world.