So I just saw the pilot for Pennyworth and I’m surprised at how good it is. I did not like Gotham and I thought the people behind this wouldn’t do well and I was wrong. The action is pretty grounded for a spy show and you can’t wait for more of that. The acting is high tier, especially Jack Bannon’s Alfred. He’s like that perfect hybrid of James Bond with his sex appeal and charisma while still touting the snarkiness of classic comic book Alfred. I guess we do need this show after all.


The villain lady is awesome!

I can’t believe I’m watching a young, virile, Alfred😆. Go Alfred, go!

Just signed up for an Epix Now thirty day free trial . The Pennyworth pilot is up and running on it early, so sign up and watch it now. The show is much better than I expected, the actor playing Alfred hits it out of the park. Pennyworth has a good supporting cast and interesting villians, it’s shaping up to be a fun summer series.

How is DC licencing shows that are not airing on DCU?

Great show definitely had a taken vibe not so much dc

@joseph.larsson Because Warner Brothers Television calls the shots on when and where DC themed TV shows air. Not DC Comics, or DC Universe (which is not part of DC proper, but a division of Warner Brothers Digital Networks).