pennyworth tv series

Anybody see the new pennyworth show About alfred? Is it good, where can I watch it? And is it gonna come to the dc app?

No news about if it’ll come to DC Universe but if it does, it probably won’t happen for a long time. It airs on Epix. I haven’t seen it, heard good things though. You can get a free month trial I believe and watch the premiere that way to decide for yourself and report back with your thoughts!

As someone who was not really big on Gotham I have to tell you that I LOVED Pennyworth. Way more than I thought I would too. It’s a perfect blend of James Bond meets classic DC Comics Alfred. It currently airs on the Epix app and channel but there is a possibility we could see it added to the DC app later on. We all thought Krypton season 1 wouldn’t end up on here, but it did. Nothing is impossible so long as we let WB/DC know that we’d like to see it on here once season 1 ends.

Honestly pretty insulting that DC wants us to pay for another service in order to watch DC related content. DCU was supposed to be the one stop shop for original content. I watched the pilot, (it’s free to watch on iTunes), found it enjoyable enough but it didn’t convince me to pick up a subscription to Epix.

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Not just dc but in general hbo Showtime Netflix hulu Amazon all want us to pay for there series

We have free Epix just for the weekend with Dish so I’m recording the first episode of Pennyworth this weekend. I’m interested to see what it’s like!

My cable provider had the first 3 eps available on demand for the preview wkd, I watched and loved them all! I hope DC incorporates some/most of the details into Canon in the comics, and brings the epix series to the app like they did Krypton…

Re: paying for content across multiple sources, if the apps would just cost less, we could afford them all. I grok it’s capitalism baybee, but making it affordable for everybody is the right thing to do…

that which pays for the production will always get them first; DCU was never going to change that.

I watched it this past weekend. I really enjoyed it. The actor who plays young Alfred had me swooning at the end of the episode. I’m curious to see where the season develops.

I subscribe to Epix Now because my cable provider sucks and doesn’t offer it anymore. We subscribe for other stuff than just Pennyworth. I don’t think I would subscribe just for Pennyworth though. It’s a great show but I don’t know if it’s worth $7 a month. They give you a free trial for Epix Now so you could just wait until all episodes for the season have aired and then get the trial on a weekend you have free to binge it. I know that Get Shorty comes on Netflix like awhile after the seasons are over so maybe it’ll come to Netflix after awhile especially since Disney isn’t going to be putting their content on there anymore because of Disney +

Saw the season finale


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