pennyworth thoughts

I think DC universe should get the streaming rights to this and I wonder will we meet Robert queen in this series

Yea I want that

I don’t…I thought John Barrowman’s thoughts on the subject were spot on. I’m glad that, so far, they are letting the DC DAILY hosts not have to tow the company line all the time.


Love the character but this show is so unnecessary. What’s next? A show based on…Martha?

Agree with you guys but I’m looking at it from the other side for DC universe to get rights to another show but I do love that the panel isn’t just a bunch of DC yes men I love they don’t just put over everything

Finaly an awesome Alfred story

I mean, it’s not something I was eager to watch, but I’ll likely give it a shot.

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I’m gonna watch it no matter what. It might be the best DC show ever. However, the idea is not something I’m keen on and never really wanted as a show. Alfred is a character that can be really heartwarming or really annoying to me depending on the version.

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I think dc universe should