Pennyworth Show - Plans to Create a Comic Series?

The show is by far one of the best DC creations yet. Are there plans for a comic book series?


I cannot find it? It’s on that cable station that eludes me at the moment. I just had it in my head & it’s gone. I figured I could find it with all the streaming apps i have? No dice… I can’t wait to see it tho.


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Thank u. I desperately needed to scratch that itch. It was driving me crazy…

Watched it from Microsoft store, you can also find it on Google play

This is a great show. Amazon had a special Epix for 99 cents so watched it. This series would be a great candidate for its own mini universe.

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I think that if you connected Pennyworth with some of the other “Pre Origin” characters like Ra’s A Ghoul, Slade Wilson, and those that gave reason for heroes to be created, I think it would a very knowledgeable multiverse for that group of characters.