Pennyworth Season 2

What in the Season 2 teaser got you excited?


Since it looks like Alfred’s going to America, hopefully we get to see plenty of Gotham and perhaps some legacy characters as well! The Arkham Asylum name drop was definitely indicative of that, though I also hope they don’t become overly reliant on fan service and can keep the general focus where it belongs

It was also interesting to see that after the announcement last month that Martha would get pregnant, this revealed that Thomas is engaged to someone else. Maybe that’ll end up being short-lived, or maybe the announcement isn’t as straightforward as we thought. After all, the reveal was just that “Martha gets pregnant,” not that she gets pregnant w/ Bruce specifically…

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If only she was pregnant with Alfred’s child, Bruce. Because Martha and Wayne don’t have romantic chemistry.

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I honestly didn’t watch the first season, but I’m pleased/extremely surprised to hear it’s getting a season 2. Unfortunately, it’s on Epix and I have no plan to subscribe to them for just this show. Happy for all of the people involved with its creation though!


Looked awesome™:+1:
It looked like Lucious was in there I think based of the scene of the guy in the lab coat and I think they may have mentioned it at there panel in FanDome if I remember correctly.

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That is indeed Lucius, they announced it.

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Pennyworth Season 1 is streaming free on EPIX online today!!!

I suspect this will last until Season 2 premieres on 12/13.

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The interaction between Pennyworth and Wayne