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Season 1 had all that? I did not remember that, my bad.


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All the Bet Sykes stuff in S1 was pretty brutal, unnecessarily so IMHO; the murder of Alfred’s girl friend, for another, and some of the action scenes took it a bit too far. As an example, for what little I saw of DD, the fight scenes were done well without any excess in the violence department. Pennyworth has no gore, per se, and pretty much everyone has been doing there violence without the amount of actual BLOOD that would be produced (for anything that isn’t horror). I mean, some one like Daniel Craig gets tortured and gets into fights but you don’t ever see a lot of blood to mar the face of a leading man; likewise, in Stranger Things, some folks get pretty eviscerated and it can be a little gory (but ST is a horror show) but say Eleven or Hopper never really get a lot of gunk on them, much less actual physical damage, because they are the leads (and I’ve yet to see the current ST season).


It just makes me think of Harry Potter fan fic and the amount of tea they have, where any American characters would have some whiskey or something else.


Bumping this up.

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What a crazy start. Filled with all the great humor action and more.

A 5 year jump to the 70s. Interesting. Like the 70s vibe though.

Lucious doing his job be socially awkward and working with the powers as they arrive. Interesting what he’ll do with gully after his breakdown.

Daveyboy doing his thing. Then regrets a kill. And now wants Justice. Don’t trust the girl he met though.

Misses P trying to move on. Goes on an interesting date. Nice to see her relationship with the Wayne’s. The pennyworth Wayne child care has begun.

The Wayne’s. We meet Sam. Interesting what will happen with her. Fun moments with Alfred’s bear :laughing:. Thomas now a Dr. Dealing with his father’s mysteries visit and some trust issues with Martha. Martha still agenting ish. And discovering more of this hypnosis. Don’t trust Glub though. Then that E3 ending. Crazy with it. Knew he was getting hypnosed by Victoria.

Sykes going on a Raven hunt. Now has baby Jule with her. Interesting.

Alfred. Doing his thing as hired help. Then gets pulled in this big hypno mystery. The crazy thing with Sally’s apartment. That scene was well crazy :sweat_smile:. Think they may still get together or at least be in better terms.

Overall glad the show is back with its wit and charm. Crazy action. And as I said a new cool 70s ascetic .

Can Thomas clear his Name? What Victoria’s plan? Will Sykes find Salt? All this and more Same Proper Time Same Proper Channels.


No Alfred and Martha romance?


I think that it was only in earlier seasons if I remember right. Didn’t last long.


They kissed once in season 1 but nothing else ever came of it. Otherwise it’s all Thomas for her


Damn it, so messed up for even teasing them!


It’s so effed up how they teased them for it just to be nothing!



Awesome™:+1: episode.

The plan to break out Thomas Wayne. The gang gets together for the heist. A lot of fun with that. Laughed a lot :laughing:. They break him out and Lucious’ tech gets to shine.

Then they return home we’re Mrs. P is trying to live her life only for Alfred to mess it up.

Then the plan. All is on the table and the right people arrested. While others freed. But Glob is taken by a mysterious figure. They seem to have some kind of vendetta :thinking::sweat_smile:.

Who is the mystery man? Will Martha be all right? What’s next for our heroes? All this and more Same Proper Time Same Channel



Great episode

1 month later

Mary on a nice date with Roger. Sweet stuff there.

Daveboy at the gallery with his girlfriend. Thought they were going to kill each other to paint the canvases. But we see he’s Vendetta or at least associated with them. Now drugged. What will happen?:thinking:

Sykes after the crow. Knew it was a trap when she gave her the address. Now we see Salt is a cyborg. Crazy.

The Waynes at a crossroads. The sister returns. Fun stuff there :laughing:. Now Thomas is in a quest for vengeance. Bruce gut it from somewhere :sweat_smile:.

Alfred is on some diplomatic duties. After stopping the assassinations gets close as always and finds out he kidnapped her dad. Interesting

What will happen to Daveboy? Can they rescue the dad? Will Thomas get vengeance or justice? All this and more Same Proper Time Same Proper Channel



Crazy episode

Alfred dealing with the past. As things get complicated. Then all is revealed breaking what he seemed to be enjoying.

Mary living her life. Fun scene there. And Daveboy was out of it :laughing:. What did the letter say?:thinking:.

Thomas off the Gotham. Looks like the manor from the Gotham show. Sees his dad for one last time as that sane Ally he takes his revenge.

And Sykes. Captured by Salt as they have there finale showdown. Jules is safe but it seems to be a sad end for her.

Is Sykes truly gone? Can Alfred save her dad? What did the letter say? All this and more Same Proper Time Same Proper Channel


E7 great episode

Martha dealing with Thomas’s absence. I think she knows he did it. But also the gov using Salts metas. I think Luscius was the one behind the leak​:thinking:

Alfred and Daveboy off to save the dad. Some fun but mostly trauma in the physic prison. What him with him and the boy very sad. But they stopped it and freed him Alfred is learning to do things for more than just money.

Is Sykes really dead? What’s next for our heroes? Who leaked the meta info? All this and more Same Proper Time Same Proper Channel


Haven’t been watching the show but didn’t the producers say that a version of Clayface was going to show up soon?


Have only seen episode 1 of season 3, but seems like no point in watching. They are underscoring “alternate reality” to an extent that you know we will never see a Bruce Wayne who seems possibly on track to become Batman. And since this Alfred doesn’t bear any relation to any other Alfred in history, save the Gotham series, and the show is a prequel to nothing, I can’t see what they could do that would interest me

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Pennyworth is somehow both a prequal to Gotham and V for Vendata



Great episode

Martha gets a surprise from The Aunt. Seems like it going well nice stuff then she’s in more trouble at a the V party and seems like Sally is too.

Lucius trying to stay with the metas then goes south as they’re all taken. Now he join Martha interesting. :thinking:

Alfred and Daveboy at it as the letter is revealed. A baby. Is is Julia or something else. Then the mission as Blighty goes out on one more mission. He wasn’t a good person but a soldier dying to say Alfred and more. And now Marriage?

Will Alfred get married? Can the metas be saved? Will the V party be stopped? All this and more Same Proper Time Sane Proper Channel

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Amazing episode

Lucius is off to free the metas. The general is behind there torture. He frees them and Sykes is back. Interesting. Wonder what powers she may have now.

Daveboy saves Patricia and his girlfriend now that they seem like they’re together again. The figure out the plan but are they too late.

Alfred’s messes up the dad thing then goes to save the Waynes. Great scene with them all around. And very sweet stuff with him and his mum.

Now the milk wars have begun.

Can they stop V? Will Alfred get to be a dad? Will the metas get freed? Well put the kettle on because you can see all this and more on the epic season finale Same Proper Time Same Proper Channel

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