Pennyworth on Epix: Worth a Look?

Hi guys! I hope you’re enjoying yourselves amidst the NYCC mania (and staying hydrated).

I do want to poll the crowd on something before I dive in.

Pennyworth on EPIX. I’ve heard some VERY good things about the show and I’m intrigued. Since it’s obviously not going to show up on DC Universe anytime soon, I’m thinking of taking advantage of EPIX NOW’s 7-day free trial to binge the first season all on one go.

But here’s the thing: I haven’t kept up with the show beyond the initial buzz and I’m trying not to let TV critics sway my opinions on certain shows like they have done in the past.

So I turn to the DC community, specifically anybody who, by any chance, has access to the EPIX channel and has seen all ten episodes of the first season, to ask this: Does Pennyworth live up to the hype? Among the current crop of non-CW DC shows, is it worth my time?


Ahhhh, I haven’t seen it myself, but I don’t think the show is for me. I generally enjoy a DC thing for the villains, and it seems there are no recognizable villains in this show.

From what I’ve seen of it so far, if you liked Gotham then definitely check out Pennyworth. The tone is similar to Gotham and Pennyworth presents its own take on characters instead of a direct comic adaptation just like Gotham handled the source material. However, Pennyworth is more graphic than Gotham was since it is on a streaming service instead of network TV.


I saw all the episodes.

A few characters like Thomas Wayne are Out of Character.

Martha Kane is interesting.

Alfred is a bad ass

I recommend bingeing.

I waited each week but it was rough going. The cliffhangers are incredible.

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I do think it’s worth it. But the only thing I hate about it is Thomas Wayne.

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It’s an incredible show, and the female Villian’s are terrific! The episodes in the middle don’t focus on Alfie, and are a bit slow.

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I just watched E5. (I think it’s an excellent series. It’s nothing like Gotham, which I also enjoyed. Much more of a realistic show as far as tone. When there is violence, it is very violent, they pull no punches. Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane aren’t what I expected, but how much did we ever really know them anyway? Alfred is cool. I look forward to the last five episodes, which are all out, but I don’t binge. With all the CW shows starting next week, I doubt I’ll have time for more than once a week anyway. Good times!!

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:bellhop_bell: I am staying up to date on it & still want more & more & more! :bellhop_bell: I L​:heart:VE IT! :bellhop_bell: It is. worth. every. penny… HAHAHA! :bellhop_bell:

I like the guy that plays Alfred but it wasn’t really for me.

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