Pennyworth is pretty awesome

Lord Harrwood is evolving unto a DC supervillian. Called the Raven i am sure, with his bird limp, beak prostetic nose, and flapping black cloaks.

The whole thing has a whole “court of owls backstory” to it, and i wouldn’t be surprised if a clashing of secret societies (Names after birds), with Alfie, Martha, and Thomas in the middle, is how this all plays out.

OMG, i just made the connection…the No Named League, the Justice League. Those Waynes love joining some Leagues (bot the bowling kind)

The creators said those two aren’t from the comics, the Ravens and the No-Names.

It makes watching young Thomas Wayne very interesting when you KNOW that sadist wearing the red bat emblem is somewhere in there.

Thomas Wayne is an atrocious character, I want him dead ten times over. I want Alfred and Martha to get together.


Wouldn’t that be quite the surprise twist for this alternate earth: Alfred is really Bruce’s father and nobody but him and Martha knew, and she took the truth to her grave. Gives a new context to why Alfred puts up with Bruce’s crusade and stays by his side so faithfully.

Exactly! That would be such a great twist, I don’t see why Pennyworth doesn’t have the guts to become an Elseworlds show, look at Krypton, it was the first ever Elseworlds DC live action show.

I just wish it was easier to watch the show. I am not paying for that service just for that show, I hope it makes it to this site before too long.

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