Pennyworth Going to HBO Max!


Please? Cus who has Epix?


Oh good, I might be able to watch it then. Hopefully the first two season will be on there too.


As long as it means a 3rd season, I’m all for it. Season 2 was a big step up, and w/ the finale reveal that Thomas and Martha’s baby was assigned a girl instead of a boy, I’m really eager to see more of this world and how it subverts our expectations of the Batman legacy


Been hearing good things about this show! Can’t wait to see it.


Seasons 1 and 2 drop on HBO Max on January 24!

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I am really excited to see the return of Lego Captain Marvel. I was worried they were slowly leaving the site.

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Can’t wait to watch it. I hope it’s as good as the Titans tv show.

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Maybe Mr. Heller was only allowed to do his (inveitiable) “it’s reallly Alfred’s baby!” plot twist on a child other than Bruce…?

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I don’t think it’d make any sense if Martha’s daughter turned out to be Alfred’s. I know they kissed early in season 1, but that’s been it as far as a potential romance between them. If they did sleep together at that point and Martha got pregnant as a result, she would’ve been pregnant a lot earlier than she actually was. This show is definitely subverting traditional Batman canon, but I can’t see it happening in that way

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The first season was very good

Seems to be set in 1960s.

Very British

Feels like

Avengers TV series
1984 Novel
Aleister Crowley
And Medevial Punishments

Woman killer not the usual sort

Arthur’s romance and his relationships with girlfriend parents and two buddies shows his soft side.

But he can be very brutal.

Always competent. He goes to jail and soon is the leader


I’m guessing there’s some plans in store for daughter Wayne that they couldn’t do with an infant Bruce, but you’ve got more knowledge of season 2 than I.

I assumed Mr. Heller’s sole interest in doing the show was the chance to make Alfred the father of Bruce (other than chances to show more graphic torture than he could on Gotham).

I didn’t hate Gotham by any means, but I thought it more often tanked than triumphed when it wildly deviated from the comics canon

Had not thought of Pennyworth’s similarity to the Avengers, but that’s a good comparison

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Oh well you’ve really gotta be fully caught up on the show to know the full context of that development

I’m glad to see the series is heading to HBO Max. Nothing against Epix, but I’m sure HBO Max has a much higher viewer count (similar to when Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee left Crackle for Netflix).

Thanks for the 411, @Mae!


My mom and I have to pay for Epix just to watch it, and just the other day she made the comment “I think Pennyworth’s over”, despite the cliffhanger it ended with. So thank you @Mae for sharing this, because I got to tell her the news about all this.

Anyway, Epix is good if you like movies and shows or Elton John, because they play Rocketman a lot; but Pennyworth (and Rocketman) are the only two things we use Epix for.


I used to have Epix in my cable package, but I cut it out about a year or so ago.

They have a decent collection of movies and shows, but nothing that really made me say “I need to keep it for Movie A or Show Z.”


Yeah, that’s what happened to us too. This may come as a shock to people, but I’m not much of a big movie or TV gal, unless something interests me. Unless it’s a DC related thing or an all time classic (and that’s a big if), the answer is most likely “no” when I’m asked “Have you seen…?” and then people get kinda fed up when I tell them no 20 times. (It also makes my blood boil when people “recommend” me stuff… I do not have enough time on my hands or Netflix/Hulu/streaming service that’s not HBOmax).

I have a… complicated relationship with TV sometimes, to say the least.


Have you seen…The Shawshank Redemption? It is a modern all-time classic, so…

makes “Do not recommend things to Jason Todd’s wife” note on his notepad

Said most people who had a great, yet quickly cancelled, show on Fox.


Nope. Like I said, it’s a big if :sweat_smile: