pay extra for comics?

Been trying to reach out to DC for a few days to get an answer but they don’t seem to get back to me. Does anyone know if we will need to pay extra money starting in October to read the complete DC comics library, or will that be included in our yearly subscription?

The full digital comic library will be available for purchase… So if you liked Identity Crisis #1 you will be able to purchase the other 6 issues in October. What an honor this subscription is!


No. I wouldn’t mind the option. But I love going into my local comic book shop. Nothing beats that experience.

You’ll have to purchase the digital comics separately or possibly pay an upgrade to have access to unlimited digital comics


I would highly doubt the subscription for library. People have been calling for a DC Unlimited for years. DC is not drumming up any support for it. Weeks before the full library comes out they’re increasingly tight lipped about it. They would be advertising it if DC Unlimited were about to come out. Probably just a pay for issue with free samples like Comixology does.

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@Knightnorth I get what you’re saying, but that’s a bad example. The entire Identity Crisis is on the service.

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No one really knows yet

Looks like we will have to wait and see :hushed:

@ThatTwoGuy interesting. On my iPhone I can only see issue 1 of Identity Crisis. This is the only platform I can use right now, where can you see more than 1 issue?

They better not charge you more then what the point. They advertised it as we would be able to read those books and more!


Apparently as of now they are going to give us the whole dc library on the app but are going to treat it like any other digital comic shop. We pay we read. I don’t want this to happen but in reality it most likely will. I wish that they could at least not rotate their comics. That way I can actually read what they give us without them taking it away all of a sudden. It would take me 1500 minutes or 25 hours to read a 100 issue Batman comic and my reading is about 5 hours on average a week. I will be ok with having the comics to buy as long as they don’t rotate their collection.

@knightnorth- Go to the comics section and either click on the banner when Identity Crisis comes up or scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “browse all” and go to Identity Crisis. If you hit the banner then it brings up the first issue and you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom and hit “in this series” and the rest of the issues appear. If you scrolled down and hit “browse all” instead then all you need to do is hit the icon for the book and scroll down to find the other issues. I hope this helps.

Thanks, I see it on the web browser but it’s not pushing to my iPhone. I’m going uninstall the app again. I found i had to do that with DC Daily. The show had been released for hours but it wasn’t showing up in my app. Delete - reinstall and it updated. Like every other hardcore fan I already read Identity Crisis, just using it as an example because it was on the home page and only offered 1 issue.

The curated list will still be a part of what you pay for with your membership. The paid comics will be What’s not in the curated list, so any new comics and a lot of older comics that didn’t make the list. Not every comic in DC’s digital library is a part of the service, so you can buy anything in the digital library.

All that is being added in October is the ability to purchase the full library. You aren’t getting the full library for free.

Each month they will rotate the free books of the month. Not add more books.

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All I’m going to do is read the free stuff. I’m not all that interested in purchasing through this app since I have an account on Comixology already.

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Someone said like “any other digital comic shop”

Marvel Unlimited is not that way. You can pay for the year or you can pay by the month and read anything you want to.

No, the entire digital library may not be on there, (they add about 10-12 comics every week of old stuff and “new” comics 6 months after publication) but full runs of comics are. Amazing Spider Man, FF X-Men, Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Daredevil, etc.

If DC puts their entire digital library on this app and wants people to pay for comics that came out 40-50+ years ago, that’s just greedy!!!

If MU stays the way they are, they have my money every year. If DCU stays this way, I’m one and done.



It’s sad. When I started reading comics I was a much bigger fan of DC. My weekly pull list consisted of 85% DC titles. At the time I was pretty much just buying Spider-Man and Avengers. Spider-Man because I like Spider-Man and Avengers so I could keep up on the goings-on of the Marvel Universe. Otherwise I was buying $40+ of DC titles each week.
Then I got Marvel Unlimited . Over time I started finding myself getting attached to characters I didn’t care about before. I could read the origins and evolution of characters like Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the Hulk, etc. I started dropping my DC titles to keep up with my new found favorites in Marvel.
I like reading the new stuff from both and there is so much that I don’t have the money to buy comics weekly and get all the back issues in trades or digital like DC expects us to.
Marvel offered the fans a way to enjoy their stuff in an affordable way. They’ve got me giving them $10 a month because they offer more stuff, that I want to read, than I’ll ever have time to realistically find time to read. They achieve this by offering complete runs of nearly all their franchises. And hundreds and hundreds of issues of the series they don’t have completed.
Meanwhile, with DC Universe I have enough to keep me interested for a few months at most. I know they’ll be rotating in titles, but I’ll read the limited series that I haven’t read before and I’ll drop the service. DC can ask us to pay $15-20 for trades, but I’ve got my money going into too many other comic related places (their own weekly releases included) to bother. I’ll just cut my losses on many, many stories.
So Marvel keeps getting my money weekly in comics and $10 a month for MU, and DC will get my money for Batman, Superman, Titans, and Justice League each month.

It’s pathetic that I have to pay for a subscription service directly with the content creator and still not get their content. I get to read one issue of an arc and that’s it? Value for dollar just isn’t there, sorry. Canceled and not coming back until they fix.

I’m really disappointed now. When I got this service, I was hoping I would be able to find the pre-52 comics that are so hard to come by without having to pay extra. At this rate, I might drop the service once I watch the third season of Young Justice.