Past is Present: DeConnick and Jimenez Tell the Story of the Amazons

History happens today! After years of anticipation, Book One of Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Jimenez is finally hitting comic shelves. But what exactly is this new DC Black Label book? If you’re expecting a showcase of awe-inspiring art worthy of the gods themselves, you’re well in luck. On the other hand, if you’re anticipating the same old story about the trials of Wonder Woman’s people, you’re about to be brilliantly surprised. To prepare us for this reframed classic that uses the past to reveal our present, we spent an afternoon with Phil and Kelly Sue to discuss Historia in the making.

To read the interview with Phil Jimenez and Kelly Sue DeConnick, head over to DC Comics!

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I read this today! Very thought-provoking with striking visuals. Interesting new take on the Greek gods and their dynamic, also. I’m looking forward to volume 2 and I was bummed to see it won’t be out till Spring 2022.

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