If you could select any two dc Comics characters to be your fictional parents, who would you pick and why?

Wonder Woman and Supes’ feels like the obvious answer.

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I agree with ToP.

Superman is strong and a good leader that you can confide in. The same is true of Wonder Woman. They would both guide you as best as possible while giving you room to grow into whoever you turn out to be.


Harley and Joker :joy::joy: I wanted them to adopt me since kindergarten :joy::joy::woman_shrugging:

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy… that would be a fun life! Then again, one is a psycho, and the other is an insanely hot plant woman…

They are both hot, but I kind of like Harley with Joker. Hopefully, one day she will get through to him, especially since I am a sucker for negatives/flaws/darkness being “redeemed” or gaining the light of a new dawn.

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Ma and Pa Kent


Green Arrow and Black Canary

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Superman and Wonder Woman.

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Superman and Wonder Woman… yeah, I agree. They’d be super supportive and give you an exciting life. They have little chance of getting killed too.