Parallel Universe Exists?

Ever since the classic Flash comic book issue 123 titled “Flash of Two Worlds”, the idea of an alternate universe has engrossed people. This idea has become cornerstone ever since, especially in the show Fringe. The show mentions that moments of deja vu are really just moments an alternate version of us experiences.

We all dream of doing things, only to find out that they don’t occur in this timeline. But, maybe they happened in another.

So, my question is, do you believe there is a parallel Earth that exists? And if so, what are some of your reasons to verify that one may exist?

I think they exist and though I really don’t have a reason I just believe they do I believe there are different Earth’s that are like people’s thoughts and Earth’s that are like peoples creations like a DC earth that is always changing and we kind of slip into the other Earth’s when we just sit there and think about it like sometimes if I just think about say Gotham I feel myself slipping away and I don’t feel or see anything in real life only Gotham and then when I snap out of it I don’t feel right like I just woke up in a strange place huh I guess I do have a reason I also think our minds go to different Earth’s while we sleep and that is why we dream ik I sound crazy but honestly I kind of am.

That’s not crazy and even if it is, if the outlandish thoughts are not considered, then intelligence is prohibited.

I have also experienced parallels in life. I have had dreams where I have been in relationships, but in this life, those same people do not find me as interesting, but there was still something that stood out.

Also, shifts in life exist. One day, someone can act completely different than they normally do, which can be an indicator that an alternate version of them is influencing this Earth’s version.