Painting Minifigures Suggestions

So I went ahead and backed BTAS: Shadow of the Bat on kickstarter. The campaign is still going (ends march 12th at 10 PM CDT).

I noticed they’re leaving the minifigures unpainted so that we can do as we like. I’ve never painted minifigures before but would like to paint these. I was wondering if anyone in the community had any suggestions with paints or what colors would be best for each of the characters?

Edit: like a color guide.


try this one…


You could pick random designs throughout comic history for each character. Maybe do a 60’s or 80’s Batman.


It’ll be hard to compete with the video posted by @ashleywilbanks, but one quick tip is to start with a primer. For bright characters (IDK who that would be in the B:TAS universe; it was done on black paper, after all) paint the whole fig white. For darker characters (this is more like it) primer the whole character in black before starting on details. For many of the figs, this will get you 80% of the way there!

Airbrushes are GREAT for painting on a primer coat, but they can get $$.

If you start with purchasing a fleet of primary colors, you can work to make your own palette, instead of trying to purchase 100 different paints to accomodate each specific hue/tone. There are some great “formulas” out there on the internet, if you use search terms like “make lavender out of primary colors” kind of thing.

Hope this helps!


@ashleywilbanks Thank you for the video guide!

@Behemoth I didn’t even consider something like that. I’ll have to do some research now :thinking: I do love Adam West’s Batman…

@Applejack Thank you too for the helpful tip about priming! I won’t be getting the game until December, but I’ve considered documenting the process.


Always remember, less is more. Do your research on primers as well. Not all primers are the same. You especially don’t want a heavy coat of the primer, because it will start hiding details from the sculpt (it is thick). The primer is basically there to help your paint adhere better to the piece. Also, after finishing your piece, make sure to apply a finish over it, especially if handling it during your gaming.