Painkiller: Black Lightning spinoff


That sounds interesting. He is a cool character and liked the mind scenes last season.
Always up for more dc shows.


Calloway’s a great actor, but sort of like the Superman and Lois mess, I worry that this is going to end up replacing a show with broader representation, to have something that won’t have a Netflix contract. But we’ll see, and this at least sounds like it has potential.


This could interesting, I stopped seeing Black Lightning but I might try this spin-off.

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Oh, sorry about the lack of clarity, here. Now that Superman and Lois is on the verge of release, they’ve announced the cancellation of Supergirl at the end of the upcoming season. Supergirl has been above-average (for an Arrowverse show) for representation, whereas we’re hearing that Superman and Lois is unfortunately having race and gender issues. And while the excuse for the cancellation is the generic “coronavirus, y’know?” (as if that’s not a problem for a new show, too) it’s worth keeping in mind that every pre-Batwoman show had a contract with Netflix to show the seasons as soon as they end, whereas new shows are free to put on HBO Max.

They’re obviously two separate pairs of shows, but since the relationships between the pairs are so obviously similar—and the CW only has a certain number of prime-time hours available—makes it hard for me to see this situation playing out differently.


Thank you for clearing that up