Our Next Stop on our Summer Road Trip is Here!

The DC summer road trip continues as we leave Swamp Thing’s bayou in our rearview mirror. We made some new friends, solved a few mysteries, explored a few spooky sites, and of course, nearly gotten eaten alive by mosquitos (though, better mosquitos than creepy water vampires…). Fortunately, our next stop is much more hospitable – as week two brings us to Themyscira!

To read more about Themyscira visit our article in the News Section, or click the link here: DC Universe's Summer Supercation Week 2: Themyscira

Also, let us know if you are ready to train like an Amazon warrior this week in the comments below!


Now this is a place to have a vacation!

The verdant beauty of the lands, the grace of its people and those ocean views all equate to a stunner of a locale.

Ready to undergo Amazon training? Absolutely! I need a trainer anyway. Is Artemis available? I want to be proficient in the bow and arrow as well as wielding a BF axe. She’s not an Outlaw right now, so she’ll hopefully have oodles of time to train me.

heads down for a walk by the shore


Runs away as soon as the Amazons see a man on their beach


Very respectful, but gotta remember to pack a slightly reflective set of shades.

Two words: Eye Candy


Vacation in Themiscira? Yes please! I mean, if nothing else, just to sightsee. The island is beautiful!


You could simplify the term to E.Candy for either digital candy or Etta Candy.


A beautiful island with awesome Greek architecture full of beautiful women… now that is a vacation!


heck yeah, ready to train hard … would also like to learn ways to prepare a meal, island-style, and sample some Amazonian pale ale with the locals …

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