Our Heroes in This Time of Uncertainty


2020 is showing that the entire world can be changed by one single event, in this case, a global pandemic the likes of which hasn’t been seen in over a century.

These times are uncertain, changing, and down-right scary. However, we, as comic book fans, know that in the Darkest Night, there is always a Light…there are always Heroes.

In today’s world Heroes are standing out more and more every day. They come in all shapes and sizes across many professions and neighborhoods. Medical professionals and First Responders, Farmers and Truckers, Store Workers and Delivery Drivers, Teachers and Scientists, even random strangers helping out their fellow human - they are all stepping up and into the spotlight.

Even on online platforms, such as ours, we have our own version of Heroes, like @CynicalPink - the person who came up with this idea that we should honor those Heroes here in the DC Universe Community. Whether they are strangers to you or are people that you love, we invite and encourage you to shout them out and thank them here!


Thank you for making the thread and the beautiful write-up, @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell!

Shoutout to some I know of…

@DocAtlas, still serving his emergency patients

@WonderWoman_85, whose husband works in the hospital, which she’s currently sewing masks for

Love, thanks and well-wishes to all of you and your families!


Thank you to everyone that is working during the pandemic.
Healthcare workers, law enforcement, grocery store workers, truck drivers, truck stops, people that are making masks, and everyone else. The risks you are taking to help others, it’s very brave.
Tuesday March 31 2020 1:53pm
Also, to those staying home. You are helping as well.


I totally agree with you, those people are a true inspiration. Even during times like these, they risk their lives to help their community. That is some true dedication.


Thank you everyone!


I want to thank the hospice nurses who are visiting and caring for patients like my grandma.


One last thing, I’d like to thank everyone in this community for always being in a positive mood, even in serious situations like this.


@biff_pow cracks me up, at least once a day. Even when the biffsters having a bad mood day​:wink: still knows how to make it hilarious. Thanks bud​:+1:.


I shall thank my dad who has to be gone during the day to work hard for us at Old Dominion and my mom who does school work on her computer for the benefit of her children.


And remember just like David Bowie taught us. We can be heroes, even just for one day. Call someone you love and check in, holler at a neighbor thought the fence. If you come with in a safe 6 feet of a stranger, maybe give em a smile and a tip of the hat. I hope each and everyone of you on here are all happy and safe.


@Pretty.Poison.Bombshell for her service to our country.
@Applejack -brother, for the same reason.
@Msgtv same as above
@jgj-usmc same as above also.
My Dad & Sister-Teachers.
My Mom- Retired RN.
My family who has served in every War since World War II. I did this one b4 on Veterans Day but said since Korean War. Forgot an Uncle who served in WW II.
My cousin- Firefighter/Captain Sandusky, Ohio.
All on this site who’ve served in any capacity of helping others. Thank u, truly.
All members on this site & mods period.


I want to thank
Health care providers
1st responders
Gas station operators
And everyone else keeping this whole system working


I want to thank all of our members for supporting and helping us mods get through this uncertain time - your humor and care are boundless.

I want to specifically thank my local community for banding together and helping out our elderly and high-risk neighbors with basics, such as water, paper goods, and sanitizing products, so they don’t have to go out. All free of charge and usually out of their own supplies.

I want to thank my brothers and sisters in the medical profession. We are facing decisions, depletions, and chaos in a manner that most never have and never will. Thank you for your tireless efforts, your sacrifice at the sake of being home safe with your family. And remember - every life saved is an accomplishment.

I want to thank the teenagers and young adults who work in grocery stores that have stepped up, taken additional hours, and are showing the world that our future will be in safe hands with your generation. You didn’t have to work tirelessly stocking, cleaning, and being away from your families, but you have and you continue to do so.

2020 will eventually be known in history as the Year of Everyday Heroes, not because of a pandemic.


I wanted to thank @MissInkBlot for making every Monday a day to look forward to with her mixtapes :musical_note:
and @HubCityQuestion for Trivia Tuesdays! :grey_question:
and @CynicalPink for running such a awesome club :paintbrush: !
and everyone at the iceberg lounge for continuing making such silly posts in these trying times :scarecrowlaughhqtas:
and of course dcuniverse for making such an awesome community during quarantine !! :revolving_hearts:


Thank you to all the doctors and nurses who are out there providing relief and healthcare in these trying times. We cannot repay you for all the lives you have saved at the risk of your own.

Thank you to all the firefighters and police officers who continue to protect our neighborhoods and cities even in this crisis.

Thank you to grocery, retail, and pharmacist workers. You have to deal with all of this panic first hand with crazy shoppers. Thank you for continuing your jobs even when it seems like others don’t appreciate it. You are important and we are so thankful for you all.

Thank you to caregivers and everyday people who have gone out of their way to provide medical services, food, and water to the elderly, homeless, and other high risk persons.

Thank you to everyone in this community who have made this place a comforting escape in this stressful time. My thoughts and prayers (even if you are not religious) are with everyone affected by this.


Thank you everyone who is out working in the medical field or in restaurants grocery stores you are the real superheroes thank you


Thank you all (Doctors, Community Service, Grocery Shops) for being a Superman/woman for those in need. (I don’t know who does what, but this goes out to you all)

Also would like to thank @hopeandlegos, @BatJamags, and @mysterious_stranger for helping people write there scripts in the bullpen and giving us the ecsapism that we need sometimes. Much thanks to you guys. And you too @CynicalPink, this was a great idea.


D’aww, we’re just having fun. That’s like rescuing-kittens-from-trees stuff and this topic is for the folks doing punching-the-Anti-Monitor-in-the-face stuff.


I just want to thank everyone (just so it don’t leave anyone out). Everyone out helping caring and keeping things together. Your all great thank you.

Also to be a little specific I want thank everyone here in the DCU community. From all the fun games, random chats, amazing art, and everything else. You all bring cheer and hope to so much people even me whether we want it or not.

Thank You Everyone.



Thank you. To quote our favorite cinematic, Guy Fawkes-lovin’ anarchist, “Oh, I merely played my part.” Glad I can help!

In turn, let me thank all of you good folks, members and mods, that have made this a fun and welcoming oasis amidst all the sorrow. It means more than you know.

If you don’t mind, let me finish with a story of a patient of mine that I admire. I’ve told this story a few times now and some people like it (and I think maybe someone here might have heard it already; if so, please forgive my repetition).

Had a patient in the office three weeks ago. When you look at him, you’d instantly know he can tear you in half, but his personality is the complete opposite of your first impression! Always happy, always smiling! Really great guy! He’s in the military, multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he’s always volunteering to go back. Because of this, sometimes more time than normal goes by between appointments with us. This time, he came in with a tooth that was very much destroyed. He needed it fixed, but not a temporary fix, a permanent restoration, something that normally takes at least a couple of weeks. But he needed it fast! He was up for a promotion to a new job that he really wanted but he needed a medical inspection in two days, clean bill of health. This included teeth!. Well, somehow, along with my incredible assistant, we pulled a rabbit out of the hat. A week later, I found out he passed inspection. It feels good to help someone who helps all of us.

Oh, by the way, he serves so he can get education credits for college under the G.I. Bill, but he doesn’t use the credit for college for himself. He transfers the credits to his daughter so that she can go to college.

To quote Foo Fighters, “There goes my hero.”