Our First Poll! Submit Your Vote Today

We’ve sent our first poll on its maiden voyage! You can look forward to more in the coming weeks. We’d love for you to test it out and let us know your thoughts :slight_smile:


nice!.. it looks like it works just fine. capturing all the votes…no surprise Robin’s in the lead

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Good first poll and it works now. I of course voted for Robin

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Voted for Starfire!!! I can’t wait to see what they do with her on this show.

Can’t click on the link nor can I copy it…


Yeah links don’t work, at least on the Android app.

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@maddoxx92 and @Svengoolie If you can’t access the link through this post, you can go to the News section in you app and scroll down until you see the poll “Which Titan Are You Most Excited to See?”

Here’s the link again as well, just in case: Poll: Which Titan Are You Most Excited to See?

Voted beast boy.

Robin…hands down!!!

Raven I’m disappointed that Raven was in second place on the poll hopefully she has gone up from last time I saw :scream_cat:

I wish Dove or Hawk were options. They have top notch costumes and their fight scene from the clip on DC Daily has me most excited about them. Ended up going with Robin because Dove and Hawk weren’t options.


Toss up between Raven and Starfire

Definitely Robin! Even better, I get 2 Robins! Dick & Jason! So cool.

Robin beast boy