Original Comics

Do you thing that DC Universe should have more original comics, and if so what should they be?

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While that might be cool, the backlash would be astronomical.

Maybe they could do some for some of their original shows in a similar way to how Arrow made comic-book tie-ins. It would be awesome to read some Young Justice tie-ins that are exclusive.


@LeonardoMyst Why would there be any backlash?

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@YoYoFroYo They do actually have an exclusive comic that’s a tie in for Young Justice, but that two issue series is all they’ve made so far.

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Not clear on the Backlash. But it would be cool, maybe something released monthly on here, then released in trades for non DCU members (and people outside the US) in a similar way to how regular monthlies go to trades.

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I liked when they did the Young Justice originals

What would be cool is that they did Comics based on these rebooted original TV shows we’ve been watching

Forgive me… on my phone so I can’t copy and paste names in the forum.

The backlash I’m referring to would be similar to the backlash they happened due to the Walmart deal. Which ended up causing them to change the deal starting later this year where the books will be released both at Walmart and comic shops.

Marvel also had a bit of backlash from doing in-continuity comics as digital firsts on ComiXology. But I think that has since died down.
Either because they used minor characters or had a quick turn around on a print version.

But in today’s comics climate, one exclusive comic on DC Universe could spark extreme outrage trashing DC and DC Universe for ‘wronging’ retailers and ‘punishing’ people not subscribing to DC Universe.

However, I think a Motion Comic would be different enough to not trigger the wrath.

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@LeonardoMyst They already have one DC Universe original comic, and I haven’t seen any backlash yet. But I could definitely see it becoming a problem for collectors if DC Universe decides to make more. I like your idea for fixing it though. Adding motion and other special elements to any stories would make it feel like there’s more justification for it being exclusive since it could be transferred as well to a physical copy.

Do think if they had original comics it would be best to not have them be in continuity comics. Better something like adaptions from shows on DCU (original or archived older shows) or just stand alone out of continuity stuff. I think if they did that but released them later as trades or even single issues a month or two behind they might be able to avoid backlash. Although yeah, no backlash to the Young Justice exclusives, but 2 comics is different then if it became a regular monthly or weekly thing.

What if there was a weekly comic book created based on the Community? Something like that could be exclusive. Other ideas could be based on DC Daily or characters like Arm-fall-off-boy. To quote Jayna-Zod, “Remember, the higher you rise, the more eyes are eager to watch you fall.” Or, in other words, DC Universe exclusives that focus on small characters won’t receive any major controversy, if there is any.

@DanTheManOne1 Yeah, weekly series wouldn’t work too well. I think one shots and miniseries of no more than six issues is the best bet.

@abfgmsw DC Universe is also the perfect platform for more obscure characters to be put in the spotlight!