original art

I’m a huge original art/sketch guy. Post your stuff here! Please? I’d love to see your commissions, original art, original comic -ages!

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Ugh! Can we not upload images? This might be a dead thread…

We can but its a pain in the ass. You can’t upload anything directly. You have to post it on an image host website then post the link in the add image section below the post.

It’s so backwards.

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I’ve posted this several times b/c I empathize with everyone on the image uploading & Applejack helped me. You can’t post from an iOS device. Go to tinypics.com, upload image from your iOS device to your pc. It’s free. After uploading images click on file. It will ask u to choose am image & the pics you’ve uploaded will appear. Click on the image u want to upload. 4 bars will appear on the left side of the image. It will say grab your code above it. Choose the very bottom code right click & copy. Then go to this site, put cursor on add url at bottom of the thread. Right click & paste. It will show image & ask if u want to upload it. Click yes & it will upload. It won’t show up on your iOS device but it will show up on your pc. I literally stayed up 2 days to upload my collection so I hope this helps cuz I know exactly what you’re going thru. dc said they are working on fixing it to where u can upload directly from an iOS device, but for now this is the best solution I’ve found. Good luck, I’ll bookmark this page & check back if you can’t get it to work. The reason it took me so long is b/c I kept clicking on the url code since the site says enter your url code. So be sure u click the very bottom code of the 4 that appear I don’t remember the heading offhand but it’s something like direct link. As long as it’s the very bottom one you’re on the right code.

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I’ve got several original pages and con sketches I’d love to share. Gonna try and see what happens.