Oracle in wheelchair why?

the justice league and the team must have access to a bunch of advanced alien technology why is barbara in a wheelchair? couldn’t a member of the league call in a favor like green lantern for example?

That happens eventually in her characters run.

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its just part of the comics, and yeah it sort of doesnt make sense when you think about all the impossible technology they have access too, and there are DC characters who have gotten paralyzed and then get technology/new spines/other crazy stuff. But I kind of like how as Oracle Barbara is in a wheel chair. For one it was kind of this cool thing of taking an event like the killing joke and not letting her be just this plot point for other characters benefit, and at the time she hadn’t been even batgirl in the comics for a while so it brought the character back to life in some ways. But I also like that having her in a wheelchair shows that there are real stakes in the comics sometimes, because for the most part, characters die and get brought back to life, they lose their memory and eventually get it back, etc, and you read a character die and most of the time read those stories and you KNOW that its not going to stick, that whoever is dead is not going to stay dead, but with Barbara she stayed paralyzed for a VERY long time, only recently did they have her out of a wheelchair. While she was in a wheelchair as Oracle, in my opinion, that was when the character as at her best, and it kind of showed that there are some things that you cant just figure out and work through and overcome, in reality you cant overcome being paralyzed…but it doesn’t mean your life has to be less or that its the end of the world. She was in a wheel chair and helped Batman, RAN the Birds of Prey, worked with the justice league… So if you think about all of the tech and powers and abilities and science, that the characters in DC have access to then they could fix and cure anything, but that doesn’t make for good story or dynamic and interesting characters.


I’m sure they will have a flash back on what happens.

I’m sure when the original comic book came out it was for the shock value. A major character is suddenly crippled for life. But then she evolves from Batgirl into Oracle and uses her talent with computers to keep right on battling crime. Keep in mind that people with handicaps read comics and watch TV and go to movies as well so while it may NOT have been the main reason for her shooting… it did give anyone with a physical disability some one to look at and admire.


Look up “The Killing Joke” As others have said they’ll probably do a flashback for it. There was a seemingly throw away line in S2 where Nightwing is telling Robin to be careful, and in the Enhanced commentary they point out that that Robin is Robin 3 not Robin 2, and it was a hint that “something may have happened to another Robin that made Nightwing more cautious” and that’s just starting to get paid off in ep6 of S3, so it could be a while, they like to play the long game.

Batgirl the New 52 issues, on this site, goes crazy with flashbacks of the day Joker paralyzes her, & the miracle surgery that abled her to walk again.