Opinions on the CW dc shows?

I wanna know everyone’s opinions. Arrow and the flash are my favorite out of all the shows but their recent seasons have been terrible. And now they wanna introduce Batman and his allies. I think they should let Titans and Gotham handle Batman.

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I used to love Arrow and the Flash. And frankly Supergirl has had her moments.
But they are kind of getting annoying now.
THAT SAID the CW show everyone overlooks is Black Lightning which is fantastic.

I switch pretty often with which one is my favorite. This year for sure I’m digging supergirl and black lightning the most.

I love them though some of them can be hit or miss sometimes.

Flash and Legends are my favorites.

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Politics and agendas are crippling these shows sometimes. I actually don’t mind when they bring politics into tv shows BUT because the CW audience is a younger demographic…they dumb it down and use a sledgehammer instead of good writing.


Never miss The Flash… never and even Arrow is one I really like. Supergirl had a great first season and then I just lost interest with all the El’s that showed up lol

I’m down with everyone of them.

I watch them all. Arrow and Flash are really good right now.

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Let’s pray dc universe shows are better

Black Lightning is the best, next to Supergirl

I’m really enjoying Supergirl at the moment!

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Love the flash. Haven’t really watched the other. Legends is pretty cool. I heard Black lightening is good as well.

I’ve seen them all. haven’t watched the new series yet at all. I would love that DC Universe adds them and also series like Smallville.

I think overall the DC CW shows are great! There’s episodes for any of the shows that aren’t great, but some that are amazing in one way or another. My favorite currently is legends, but I also haven’t kept up with the other shows this season.

I already mentioned my thoughts on the Arrowverse earlier in another thread and it ain’t good.

Black Lightning is great though!

They take a lot of liberties with the characters, but it’s overall good tv. Flash is my favorite right now because of how unapologetically nerdy they are. Arrow got to be a little too dark and broody for me, but they’ve always used it as CW’s Batman anyway. Legends got better when they stopped taking themselves seriously, but there are times where it gets a little too goofy. I just like that they introduce all the weirder deep cut characters. I fell off on Supergirl about 2 seasons ago.

Constantine was probably the most solid of them all, but it was on the wrong channel. They could’ve easily pulled it off on CW if they blocked it with Supernatural.

First let’s start with my favorite flash although arrow seem to be more real than the red blur as iris west calls him flash has more power stuff but if I could get on arrow I could probably kill Mr.terrific or mister terrific seen he got divorce and on flash I could kill that Krabby Patty(ex girlfriend)

Personally I love them all!

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I watch all of the DC shows and enjoy them all. I didn’t like that Arrow writers choose to simply take Batman stories and replace Bruce Wayne with Oliver Queen. Especially since they didn’t have to.

Almost every CW show has a reference to Marvel Comics, which is really funny.