Opinions on post heroes in crisis Wally West

I personally am still conflicted over Wally West’s character after heroes in crisis and I’m just wondering what do other Wally fans think.
It reminds of the killing joke as in a bad experience can break someone and I think that’s what happened to Wally but it’s just so jarring to see him go from light-hearted joker to this understandably broken and depressed individual

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Granted one issue is basically a first chapter, but I am not convinced off what I read which bums me out.

Geoff Johns was able to redeem Hal Jordan and I’m not seeing that so far with Scott and Wally.

I’ll probably wait for the rest in trade either on here or at a library.

I said this in another thread after I read the first issue:
At first I was worried we were going to have a series full of Wally looking to die, but after he took down Girder and Tar Pit and actually seemed like he was enjoying himself, I was much more optimistic about the direction.it’s interesting that Wally’s identity is publicly known again. I wonder if this will reflect back to Barry Allen somehow. (Not in the “Well, You trained him so you’re tainted by his actions” way… But more of the “Huh so Wally West is the Flash and he works with the Flash in Central City and his uncle is a Central City CSI who got hit by lightning…hmmm” way

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This is the first time I’ve ever found Wally the least bit interesting

I miss fun Wally.