Open Discussion - Crisis on Infinite Earths

I have just finished reading this epic for the first time. I figured that there might be other people like me who would be interested in discussing our favorite parts of the story. Comment below!


Wish I could, but I read it almost fifteen years ago and don’t remember much. At the time, I didn’t have enough scope of the DC Universe to truly appreciate it.

This was a rough read…SG and flash are my favorite heroes so seeing one dead and one tortured wasn’t very easy

I feel its a bit dated. But still a classic story and easy to get invested in…is maybe l8ke it more if it was redone with modern art.

But that’s just my taste. The story is excellent

LOVE this series. There’s such an incredible passion for the entire DC Universe that you can feel it on every page. Wolfman’s dialogue is clunky as always, but George Perez’s art is top-notch as always (in fact, my avatar is pulled from issue #2) and the plot, while a bit popcorny, is EPIC.

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I don’t think it’s great. The story’s not good, the writing isn’t good, the art is cluttered. There are some great and iconic moments (mostly involving character deaths), but overall I just can’t say it is a genuinely good story. I think some people mix up historically important stories for good ones sometimes, probably because of the nature of comics. I mean, it did shape everything we know and love since the mid 80s. But I don’t think it’s good. Not bad, just not particularly good. I like to think of it more as an important moment in the history of DC Comics than a story I actually want to read.


George Perez is an amazing artist. The detail in each panel is astounding. Oh, great story.


Personally, I loved it! Sure, there might be a page or 2 where the art could be better laid out. And yes, there are a few instances where the dialogue/writing is a little of its time. But those instances are the exceptions, not the norm. I loved the art overall and the writing for the most part was great, the two together creating a story that feels epic and in a way timeless.

I actually want to read it again it’s been awhile. The first time I read it I was absolutely amazed by the great writing and stunning art by two of my favorite duos in comics

Yeah, it’s a beautiful-looking mess. George Perez is massively talented, but otherwise it’s all kind of cluttered and poorly thought-through.

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In retrospect it has continuity/plot flaws.

But, it was the first time anybody in comics had done that and there was no source to draw from. And it was done in 14 months and completely rebooted the universe. And it was done by 3 people Marv, Neal & Julie. And some of the plots items were pulled in from others books that were not always know. To have been tie-ins.

If a crisis event happens now you know roughly what we will get out of it. This was we don’t know what will happen. If the fans don’t, Marv & Julie diddent either.

I love COIE to pieces. One of my top five event titles ever.

It exceeds it’s potential and unlike Convergence (another event utilizing a major villain trying to remake the universe), makes consistently good, sensible use of characters from across different realities.

I’m looking forward to the CW take on the story as well as what DC themselves will do to ring in the series’ 35th anniversary next year.

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It’s messiness is a testament to deadlines! Massive project under a tight schedule. Could be seen as an improv, an experiment. The chaotic paneling, those colors, to me emphasize the emotional state of a creative team racing to the finish.

That’s a nice way to say it was rushed

It had deadlines and schedules and a monthly release dates that were not negotiable. That was how the comics industry was back then. Not like it is today. That’s why there were so many continuity errors back in that time and earlier, regardless of franchise or series.