Only one issue of Rebirth is available? But there are four doomsday clocks?

I’m finally getting around to checking out rebirth. Someone told me I should. But they said that you read rebirth first and then doomsday clock? Was that person mistaken? Because I only see one issue of rebirth on DC Universe. And that came out in 2016 right?

Meanwhile Doomsday clock already has four issues on here. Should I just read that one first?

Or is Rebirth told across a whole bunch of different titles? Super Man Rebirth? Batman rebirth? Etc.?

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Rebirth the one-shot is the launching point. Then each title had its own rebirth, like you mentioned Superman Rebirth. In a way, think of rebirth as a company sense of being and less of an event series. It was a line wide approach.


Rebirth was a big rebranding for the DC Universe (The universe, not the service). The actual Rebirth one shot you’re talking about was what launched it. From there you can follow any of the series that are part of rebirth (usually will be (2016-)).


@PrincessAmethyst Your explanation was better than mine

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Hey thanks, guys. Appreciate it.

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Read Rebirth one shot then The Button, then you can start Dooms Day Clock. thats all you really need.

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Check out my rebirth Reading order for the full order. DC Universe Rebirth #1 is the start of the rebirth era. After it almost every series starting in 2016 is part of Rebirth