Online Comics Shop

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I would love for DC to start their own online comics shop so we could buy directly from them - physical and digital copies. Subscriptions could be handled through it too. It’d be easier to have more subscription options and for people to get their hands on single issues rather than waiting for collected volumes like I do. Especially for those who don’t live near a comic book store also like me since I would have to drive an hour to the nearest one.
This would mean more monthly support for titles and more money in DC’s pockets since they’re cutting out the middle man being shops and amazon, etc. which all take a percentage. And since everything is being done through them I would hope that delivery would be handled better since I’ve tried subscriptions for awhile and stopped because my items would always arrive damaged. Talked to them about and there was nothing they could do. This is the other reason why I don’t subscribe and wait for collected volumes. Idk about you but I’m okay with and absolutely willing to pay for shipping and handling if that means my items arrive in good condition. Hell, they could even have options. Free Shipping but no guarantee on the condition when it arrives or pay for shipping and handling and know it’ll be in good condition.
I really don’t see a downside to this and wonder why they haven’t done it yet. How you you guys feel about it? Would you like it to be a feature in the upcoming DC Universe Infinite - buy the digital version and not need a subscription to the service to read them while also having the option of buying physical copies? Or would this be better for the website?

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