Ongoing Hostess Products Gag

As a fan of the 70’s and 80’s comics.

Wouldn’t it be hillarious if: within the various shows here, and on CW and HBO, give a “eating a hostess product” inappropriately during a dramatic scene. As an inside nod to the old advertisements.

On supergirl, j’onn will not stop eating ho ho’s

On flash, Barry turns to twinkies to feed his hyper-metabolic powers, and tries to explain science stuff with his mouth full of twinkie.

And just expand the gag throughout the shows.
a nod to the old school ads.

Tobias Whale stuffing his face with fruit pies.

Heatwave’s secret coconut snowball stash.


That would be hilarious! I would relate to the on a personal level :joy:

I remember in an episode of Lois and Clark there was a scene where Martha and Johnathan had finished shopping and he looks in the bag and sees…“Ho-Ho’s…Twinkies…Ding Dongs…Snickers?!?”
I had forgotten all about the DC Hostess connection when the episode first aired but in 2012 when Hostess was going out of business, (temporarily, thank goodness) I remembered the scene.

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That is a TON of exactly the ads i’m talking about


Don’t eat the fourth of July blue ones. They may look delicious but they’re actually super chalky.