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Well this one has been a long time coming folks but its finally here. For the JSABC’s second session in May we will be finishing the Thy Kingdom Come storyline from 2007s Justice Society of America. So great heroes of the @JSABookClub let us begin but first…


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Now when we last left our heroes, Gog had just taken the JSA To meet his maker and he is now poised to offer the JSA something that it’s members can’t refuse. What will our heroes chose and how will it affect not only themselves and the team bit the world as well? Let’s find out!


* Justice Society of America #16-20 & Annual #1

For Discussion

  1. Do you believe that Gog ‘comes in peace’ and just wants to help the people of Earth be ‘good again’?

  2. I think Cyclone’s monkey, Frankie, has the right idea about Gog’s gifts. What did you think of his reaction in this panel?

  3. PG gets her wish to return to her own world or one that resembled it. Is there a time or place in your own past you would want to see again?

  4. Gog’s gifts aren’t all they are cracked up to be are they? They all appear to come with downsides. Would have accepted his gifts without question or would you be more cautious as some here were?

  5. What did you think of a sane Starman?

  6. Do you think it would be a good idea for Alan and Michael to ask Gog to resurrect their loved ones?

And that’s all for this month folks.

Up Next

The conclusion to this saga. How it will end and will teamwork prevail? Tune in next month to find out!


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16- Strange to see Damage so anti-Gog having read this multiple times.

  1. Obviously no as revealed later. Here he does seem more like a child playing around with his new playmates. Lightning seems the most scared.

17- 2- He is thinking “quit staring at that guy’s butt.”

I heard that Hawkman’s role in the JSA split was replaced by Magog. I think this panel is foreshadowing the planned role for him. Other than the wishes this issue is mostly character focused scenes, and I really love them. More proof that one decade of this run was not enough.

3- College

4- Cautious. Too many super villains in this world.

annual- Poor Power Girl. This is just torture. I think it helps that Ordway gives her considerably less muscle mass than Eaglesham. It makes her look increasingly vulnerable in this world.

18- Hawkman still worships Ancient Egyptian gods, and I think that contributes to him trusting Gog. They were taught a duty to serve gods with humanlike attributes, and Gog does act more like a human than a god.

It has been stated that the younger members look up to Hawkman the most. They seem to admire his decisiveness and more permanent solutions. Both he and Flash to put themselves on pedestals as founders.


Superman is thinking he is going to enjoy this.
I can see why Green Lantern seems especially upset with Hawkman. During Black Reign, another JSA War, he made a big deal about their teamwork between the two of them, and they are what beat Black Adam. Now they are on other teams.

Again Stargirl is the only one able to smile in a serious time.

5- Strange seeing him so miserable.

I just love that gag.
Nice for Mr. Terrific to see his wife again, and I think that gave him some needed relief. Knowing Gog he would just bring zombies back.

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