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I was singing the app’s praises to a coworker and he tells me this…at some point DCs digital library was all but destroyed and so they reached out to the pirates to help refill all the missing books. Ive noticed on some of the comics, on the first page, there’s a tag “conversion by wildstorm” , the coworker said that thats one of the pirates. Any truth to this? Just curious…

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I seriously doubt it. But let’s see what the mods have to say

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Wildstorm is a comic imprint started by Jim Lee. What Wikipedia has to say:

“WildStorm Productions, or simply WildStorm (often rendered Wildstorm), is an American comic book imprint. Originally an independent company established by Jim Lee, and expanded in subsequent years by other creators, WildStorm became a publishing imprint of DC Comics in 1999. Until it was shut down, the WildStorm imprint remained editorially separate from DC Comics, with its main studio located in California. The imprint took its name from the combining of the titles of the Jim Lee comic series WildC.A.T.S. and Stormwatch.”

Even today there is a comic book run called Wildstorm. Your friend is repeating some kind of erroneous conspiracy. It is blatantly untrue.


Digitally converted by wildstorm, meanin scanned n whatnot…digitized…it pops up more than once. Wild rumors and tall tales are fun…

…its what made wikipedia what it is today, heh heh

More importantly, after showin him the first 10 mins of the last DP episode, I think I hooked him in


Yes. Digitally converted. Same imprint did some of the conversion in the beginning. When Wildstorm integrated with DC, they maintained seperate editorial branches. IOW, for a period of time they operated separately under the same banner.

In the early days of comic book digitization, the Wildstorm branch took on that job. Later Wildstorm was totally integrated and the banner no longer needed. In both cases it was just name changes, nothing physical.


Digital books with that label were converted by Wildstorm FX, a division of the Wildstorm imprint founded by Jim Lee.

They are completely legitimate conversions.


So, its a crap theory.

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Dude owes me a coke

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Yep. He owes you a coke. :wink:

lol This is hilarious.


Now I want a coke, and I don’t even drink coke… Perhaps, a Vanilla Coke.
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That dude owes you a screening of Shazam and lunch afterwards.

@Kitty I’ve not tried the new Coke. It sounds…odd but I’ll try it. I love trying new sodas.

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Sounds like you got April fooled.

All comic book publishers are pirates. luckily I love Pirates

For what it’s worth, I tried the Orange Vanilla Coke and it was delicious. It’s like a creamsicle mixed with a coke float. The orange and vanilla flavors are subtle yet perfect.

Also comic books… is the new Wildstorm run any good?


Havent read any, yet, but im a big Ellis fan so its on the list. Weve hit careful what you with for territory, all the new books, the marvel u app(i know, sorry) and what i read in print has me overwhelmed

@prodigalson.kendall The Wild Storm is fantastic. One of DC’s underrated gems.

You can’t go wrong with Warren Ellis.

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