one episode of Young Justice a week is not cutting it

Young Justice is really good. It’s also really short. At 20 min an episode, one a week is not cutting it.


One thing that puzzles me is that it was made for this service so why keep them at the typical 22 min marker like with regular shows that have commercials and are on tv?


@AquamonC137 Consistency maybe? Or maybe because of how expensive and time consuming animation is?


@Awesome_Squid, that makes sense.

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I kinda agree with how short the episodes are. They’re definitely great to watch for my lunch break at work but… I do feel left unsatisfied. They should push for 30-45 mins an episode and shorten the season.

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Also probably because that way they can more easily sell them to a non-US market that can put in commercials.


22 minutes is the standard sans-commercial runtime for an animated series.


It’s an exercise in delayed gratification. I’m not mad about it anymore, even though I wanted the three episode per week schedule. I know they want to have content coming out during August so there isn’t a gap. And it’s better to promote community discussion and excitement. I have found that I really look forward to Tuesdays (mid-way through my work week) so it’s kind of good for me.

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Also, at some point later on, we may see older seasons sold off for syndication.

Unfortunately after Swamp Thing ends, we’ll have a considerable gap between then and September when(I think?) Titans Season 2 is supposed to start, and because Stargirl got pushed back, they need to bridge the gap somehow. In reality, this is no different from YJ was on cable, so I’m not bothered by it.

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Just wait until all the episodes are out and binge them then, that’s what I’m going to do

The reason it’s one per week is so they can stretch the release to end at the same time Swamp Thing finishes airing. Think of it as an extra 20 minutes of original content per week, because we’re already getting an hour per week with Swamp Thing.

I don’t mind the one episode per week format. If you’re a fan of Young Justice, then you’re pretty much used to one episode a week as that’s how we all watched it on Cartoon Network.

If I have a gripe it’s more with the show itself then how it’s released. This back-half of the season is not strong at all. Then again, we’re still building story lines, so it’ll be hard to fully assess how these episodes are until the season has finished.