💵 📦 One Dollar Back Issue Bins: What Are You Finding? 📦 💵


For the past couple weeks, my comic store has had several $1 back issue bins out. After I snag my new books for the week, I mosey over and see what’s what in the 'ol dollar bins.

A few of my recent $1 pick-ups:

I’ll likely pick up a few more books later today, because really, you can’t turn down $1 comics.

Have you found anything good in your store’s dollar bins, lately?


I keep forgetting to check if my LCS even has $1 bins, actually. :stuck_out_tongue: That Star Trek issue looks fun, I’ve been wanting to try and read more Star Trek comics.


No time like the present, then. When you next hit your store look for The Good Stuff. I hope they have some for ya!

The DC Star Trek books are quite fun. I’ve only read scant amounts of them, but I highly-enjoyed the stuff I did read.

I’ve been looking for DC’s adaptations of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek: Generations. I found them a few weeks ago at an indie music/movies and everything else store, but they were in kinda-iffy condition sadly, so I passed on them until I can find copies in good condition.

Anywho, if your store has dollar bins and you find anything good, please chime in. :clark_hv_4:


I’ve been going to the same store for about 2.5 years now. Every Free Comic Book Day they have a really good deal on collection editions/trade paperbacks. I somehow didn’t notice until a week or so after the sale this year that they have boxes and boxes of them underneath the CDs. I was always confused why their collection seemed smaller than I would’ve thought, and the answer is because I missed the majority of it. :stuck_out_tongue:
I am very excited for next year’s sale, now that I know where everything actually is.


Hey @Vroom,
You know what I love about these comic bins? It’s like a treasure hunt, finding some cool treasure, you never know what you’re going to find in those bins. :grinning:
Now I really wish those Star Trek comics be added to DC Library.


I’m not sure any LCS near me has a $1 bin, but that’s definitely something I’ve gotten in the habit of looking for at cons. Those are usually good for finding good issues from the last few years, including anthology issues w/ a bunch of creators that are good for getting signed


Your store sells CDs, eh? Any good DC stuff in the mix?

Well, there you go! Now you know, and…

Knowing Gi Joe GIF by MOODMAN

I’m sure your store will be happy to see you when you come in for the sale with dollar signs in your eyes. :grin:

Exactly! To quote The Amazing Panda Adventure, “Its just like Indiana Jones.”, as you never know what you’ll find!

Unless DC gets the Star Trek license from Paramount again, they likely won’t be coming anytime soon.

However, don’t give up and do think positively! You never know what will happen in the future. :vulcan_salute:t2:

They’re usually out in the open and easily seen…unless a store has a bin (or bins) full of crap they too shameful to admit they have. :smile:

My store has their dollar bins on folding tables, with each short box having “$1 comics” written on their front side. The tables are across the way from the New Releases wall, which is good placement, so as to hook customers as they turn from the NR section, see the bins and say “Sweet, dollar bins!”.

At least, that’s what I said when I saw them.

Dollar bins and good deals on action figures are my con priorities.

I can read about Big Name News Reveal online and don’t need to sit in a huge crowd (or stand in line for hours to then sit among said crowd) for that.

While its awesome to meet the talent that produce/produced our favorite comics and other media, I generally don’t care about autographs.

Good/great and beyond deals on comics and toys, though? Those (and a cosplay contest or two) are what I go to a con for. :nerd_face:

M’kay, so! claps hands I found some spiffy books in the 'ol dollar bins this week. Among my finds were (I’m not posting photos of most of these as I don’t have the time, right now):

:books: The Human Race #s 2-7.

I’d never heard of this mini, but it looked interesting so I snagged it. I couldn’t find #1 in the dollar bins or in the regular back issue bins, but its likely an easy snag on eBay, so I’ll get it at some point.

:books: Blood Pack #1.

Again, hadn’t heard of it, but $1 for a new to me #1? Sold!

:books: Armageddon: Inferno #4.

This one touted the return of the Justice Society on its cover, and with the news of the Justice Society making their latest return this November, this was one (and the only issue of the series that I saw in the bins) that I felt was a must-get.

:books: Action Comics Annual #4.

Part of Eclipso: The Darkness Within, this one hooked me as:

:superman:. Its Superman-related.
:00_shazam:. Shazam is in it.
:purple_circle:. It has a snazzy Joe Quesada cover, seen below:

I’m good on dollar bin digging for the next couple weeks (I have to read the stuff I recently bought, after all :wink:), but if anyone has snagged some rad books from their dollar bins, feel free to share your pick-ups.


Dollar bins are really dangerous for me. I tend to go overboard. At the start of the pandemic, I decided to give triangle-era Superman a pretty thorough read-through from The Death of Superman onward. Instead of doing the smart thing and just reading them all on DCUI, I went on dollar bin raids of the back issues. I probably ended up with roughly 50-60% of the Superman back issues from that time period (about 1993-1999). I think I’m only missing one issue from the year 1994. I only got through the midway point of 1997 when the read-through became exhausting and many of those issues still sit in my unread stack.

Still, I keep on buying dollar back issues like I have nothing to read. This is a problem… I have a problem. The first step is admitting it, right?


Definitely true for me, too.

I was only planning to pick up a few dollar reads this past Tuesday.

However, I left my store with a bag full of $1 books (and my new releases of interest, natch).

The best laid plans of Kryptonians…:joy:

Problem, schmoblem! They’re only a buck, so I say feed that problem! Feed it, I say! :grin:

That said, I won’t be buying any dollar books this Tuesday, as those I bought last Tuesday are still in my stack and have only barely been opened and glanced at.

9/6, though? I may just pick up a few more $1 reads, Mr. Frodo. I may.


:laughing: I’m staying away from the dollar bins until I read the ones I already bought…

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Same, but its just so hard to not pick up more when they’re only $1.

side-eyes a $1 bin as he feels a sense of temptation

No, I mustn’t! Must read what I have first! Krusty is coming!

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Anyone finding The Goods in their dollar bins, lately?

A couple of my recent pick-ups: