On Today's Casting of Batman

Alright, look, I get it. He’s not your first (or even twentieth) choice. He’s not mine either. There are other choices, yes. It’s a little disappointing/underwhelming. Yes. I agree. I get it.


We’ve been here before. Remember, not even that many years ago, when Ben Afflek was first cast for BvS? You know, that guy who A LOT of people declared to “best Batman ever!” after seeing BvS (yes, I know there was also criticism too, but it was more focused on Synder’s directing of the character than Afflek’s actual acting)? Remember how people reacted when news of his casting first broke?

Hate. Rage. Angry firestorms of vitriol all over YouTube and Twitter and Facebook, and even a FREAKING PETITION, sent to the President, demanding that it be made illegal for Ben Afflek to play Batman FOR THE NEXT 200 YEARS!!!

(No. Really. That was a thing. Google it)

And then the actual movie came out…and it was FINE. Criticism against the movie aside, he didn’t ruin the character forever. He didn’t destroy all future Batman films. And the majority of the people who the most angry about the casting, immediately turned around to, again, declare him “greatest Batman ever!”

So, please. Can we NOT do this again? He’s not your first choice. He’s not my first choice either. I get it. But we’ve been here before, and it was FINE. Matt Reeves is a great filmmaker. Let’s trust that he knows what he’s doing, and wait for the movie to come out. Or at least wait until the first trailer?



I’m old enough to remember the uproar and controversy when Michael Keaton was cast back in 1989. Now, he’s like THE Batman for an entire generation. :man_shrugging:
Anybody remember the internet’s response to the news that Heath Ledger would be playing The Joker in “The Dark Knight?” :thinking:


Until WB says he is the guy its just rumor. We have heard nothing from WB or Matt Reeves at this point.


Exactly. Fans get outraged instantly when something isn’t their choice, forgetting that casting directors actually watch this people perform part of the script and do screen tests. I wouldn’t have picked him first either, but I wasn’t in the audition room so I have no real gauge on his performance, and neither do most fans.
Also, DC is not in the best place right now in terms of mass public appeal regarding movies. This hatred and whining is not good for us.

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Pattinson, huh? Break a leg, Rob!

Im neautural about the casting until I see something official from the film like an official first look photo or the teaser trailer

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@Jerm_78 Oh yes, I remember the uproar over Ledger’s casting. I’ll bet that alot of the “I always knew he’d be good.” crowd sang a different tune when his casting was announced.

I really don’t get why fans get in an uproar over casting when only someone’s name has been mentioned or even confirmed for a role.

How about being level headed and giving the person(s) a fair chance? Would you like it if strangers judged your ability to do a job based on your name alone? Or a mistake a two you made with a previous job?

@moro I’m sure over the course of the trilogy he’ll break several limbs :wink:

@Mae…haha…yeah, hopefully the limbs of fictional super villains :slight_smile:

I figured it would be Armie Hammer or Pattinson. I’m good with Pattinson.
Of course, I remember back in 1988/89 when Michael Keaton was announced. Everyone was saying “Mr. Mom as Batman!?” So, what happens? Keaton nailed it. He’s still my favorite Batman.

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I’m not sure what the community saying right now but I’m cool with that I’ve seen remember me I’ve seen his work in twilight I’ve heard him say he knew twilight was a bad film and still gave it a 110% accuracy to the book dude said and commentaries he was a Batman fan like around or before the dark Knight came out so I think you’ll do his best honestly it’s more about the director and writing of Batman movies than it is the actor BVS had more issues about Batman killing literally everyone that he came in contact with.

He seems like he’d be good. He seems good at angst, can pass as a brunette, and has a wide variety of acting roles.