Omnibuses. Omnibi?

This is general, and really just speculative, but the newest JLI omnibus (this month’s solicits) got me wondering how they choose what is included in an omnibus. I’m sure actual physical size is an important factor but storyline-wise the cutoff seems odd sometimes.
The newest JLI stops at issue 50 and that run of the book only went to 60. I know it has annuals and some JLE but it seems an odd place to leave off because it leaves fewer issues for a potential volume 3. Unless they do Breakdowns and the Jurgens JLA but that also seems disjointed. Even though post-Jurgens was subpar I hope they finish this series eventually.
The Snyder/Capullo Batman was also this way.
I wonder where they divide the Morrison JLA.

And Thank you DC for this JLI because I really want to read these again but pleeeeeease do better than you did with volume 1.

I noticed the same thing with the chop-up of the book. Makes you wonder if they are leaving enough off to make a demand for the third volume. I hope they change the cover though. I don’t want the solicited cover, but a new one from Maguire.

I think Breakdowns is probably exactly the problem. The JLE half of it is written by Gerard Jones, whose work they’re probably not chomping at the bit to collect. The mods have been cracking down on even mentioning him recently, so I’m gonna leave it at that.

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This omni actually has JLE issues by that guy in it so I have hope for Breakdowns.
I also really hope they edit this volume better than the last one.

I’m trying to remember the Vol 1 cover when announced. Since the solicit doesn’t show the title, credits, etc I’m hopeful this one is a placeholder.
But then again, they used the classic group cover for the recent paperback.