Omnibus storage omnibus

In an effort to keep my omnibus collection as clean as possible and in a position to ensure longevity, I have just come up with an awesome design.

I am going to attempt to create a comic book looking container with each “page” holding an omnibus.

So, the “comic books” I am looking at creating are ones for the Golden Age, a separate Golden Age for Superman (since he initiated the Golden Age [also because I will probably only collect all of Superman for the Golden Age]), one for the Silver Age, another one for Flash (same reason as Superman), one for the Bronze Age, and one for complete runs (like Teen Titans only had one Silver Age and then continued with the Bronze Age).

I will probably stop at the Bronze Age because I believe profanity started to pop up during the Modern Age.

Now, if this project goes well, then I might make the Omnibus storage for omnibus Omnibus by storing all of the “comic books” into a massive comic book that holds all omnibuses I own.

I write this in case someone more creative than me knows of a way to make this happen better than I will and/or if this idea intrigues people to see how it comes together.


Does anyone know if rings beyond a size of six inches exist? Or how to make binder rings?

If not, then creating a binder for the Omnibuses will not be an adequate storing method.

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Not sure. Have you done research on Google or checked places like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby that carry different things for scrapbooks and the like?

I’ve done a google search, but nothing to help with what I am looking for. I don’t believe Hobby Lobby or Michaels would have a huge binder ring that has like a 3 foot diameter.

My goal was to make a binder for each set of Omnibuses, but unless I luck out or suddenly learn how the rings are formed, I am going to have to try a different approach to store my Omnibuses.

Thank you for your response.

You’re welcome. Have you looked into the possibility of custom made rings?

I have tried to see if someone had a video or link of them making rings, but nothing so far. If I know the material, I could try until I get clamps like they sell.

At last, I have found a solution for this. My initial idea was similar to a combination of a book safe and journal with a strap, but not exactly like that. It would have been just a wooden box with an indent for the omnibus to have fit snug in (similar to DVDs in a case where there is that indent for the DVD to fit), but it would also be like a sandwich that requires both ends to cover the omnibus held together by a hinge. As for the outward design, it would look like a journal (but it would cover the whole omnibus) and a strap would be included to keep the cover closed until ready to read.

While trying to do research on components necessary (and determining correct terminology- despite some ideas still not being fully named in my response), I came across another design which was similar to a book being encased with a zipper, similar to how some bibles have casings.

Despite trying to get material for this, I learned that creating a cover for one omnibus would cost just about the same as if I were to buy another omnibus.

Luckily, I saw that there are some bookshelves that have doors to them, so that will probably be what I end up getting instead of making.

The positive to this solution is that the omnibuses will be more secured from dust without high cost, but downside of an individual safeguard.

The positive to my original idea is ensuring that each omnibus is protected and that it would be easy to transport (if necessary), but the downside is that each omnibus would practically be sealed without any room for dust to relocate if the material used may damage the omnibus.

All of these ideas were just for the first tier to the omnibus storage. As for the second, I was thinking of something like a huge three ring binder that each covered omnibus would fit in and they would have a little extra length so holes could be punched into it. The third tier would have been something like a treasure chest for storing the binders.

I apologize if writing all of this is unnecessary, but I hope it can inspire someone more creative than me to think of an alternative or better solution to this problem.

Thank you for those that read this and for any feedback.