Omnibus Dust Jacket

I don’t know if there is already a thread to discuss this, but I thought it would be cool to have a thread to discuss the omnibus dust jacket.

If you could have your own version of the dust jacket, what would it look like?

Based on the two most recent styles, I think it would be cool to combine the features of each. The artwork of the latest style with the color design of the older style (the respective Age has the color to easily identify it), then it may benefit a larger quantity of collectors.

I also find it odd that the Justice League Silver Age Omnibus vol. 1 was going to be rereleased to match the rest of the designs, but because of the new design, it seems to “fail” in its purpose. Are all older designs going to be rereleased with this new design or should variants of the new omnibuses be released with the old style?

Pretty excited that Wonder Woman GAO vol. 4 and Legion of Super-Heroes SAO vol. 3 are going back to their old dust jacket design.

I’m not really a fan of dust jackets, I prefer the hardcover art under it. Stuff like the Doom Patrol Omnibus has great artwork under the jacket that I like more.

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The artwork for the dust jackets (at least for the Golden-Bronze) can get repetitive with all dust jackets having the same color and the picture on the front being limited to a circle, but as someone that is a minimalist, I like that. Bland is grand in my mind. But, I find artwork under a dust jacket a little excessive. It’s like taking the art booklet off a DVD. I’d rather just have a black cased DVD (similar to the black hardcover omnibus) than a decorative one.

Maybe, my opinion will change if I find one that “captivates” me, but I am a boring dude that likes a “boring” art design.