Omnibus Discussion?

If anybody wants to discuss any omnibus book they own, this thread can be a good branching point for the individual discussions, whether it’s from the Golden Age all the way to the Modern Age.

Frankly, I’d love to see DC dig deep and publish more Omnibus. I want one for Sandman Mystery Theatre. That has never been fully collected. How about some of the more obscure runs, like Ostrander’s Spectre or the late 80’s Madame Xanadu.


There are a lot from the Golden Age and Silver Age that I hope become made.
But, that is why if we discuss the ones we have and what we enjoyed about them, then the “higher ups” at DC may take notice and make more.
I can start by saying that I would like to discuss the Golden Age Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Omnibuses; the Silver Age Green Lantern, Flash, and Justice League omnibuses; and the Swamp Thing Bronze Age Omnibus. I have problems with each of these ranging from minor issues to larger issues that I would like to see what people’s opinions are because maybe I am looking at them through a jaded or false perception (I.e. My grandparents say that in the Golden Age, people were a little more “bossy” like it’s shown in the comics).

Also, I would like to discuss the Green Arrow Golden Age Omnibus, Suicide Squad Silver Age Omnibus, and Flash Silver Age Omnibus because those are my favorite Omnibuses that I have read.

Disclaimer: Some contents in the Omnibuses can be found in trade paperbacks and even on here, so instead of a discussion on the omnibus, there can be discussions on the comic book issues within the omnibus.

Just ordered the silver age Doom Patrol omnibus should be arriving in the mail today. I also have the first Golden Age Batman omnibus.

If we include Marvel, I have the first Fantastic Four ombibus.

I bought Super Sons and it is my favorite thing ever.

If you want to discuss Batman Golden Age Omnibus, it may be interesting seeing different opinions.
I also have the Silver Age Doom Patrol Omnibus that I haven’t read from, so of others want to do a discussion similar to DC Daily, I can create a thread for it.

“…so ‘if’ others…” not “…‘of’ others…”.

According to the Newsarama, CBR listings, there’s going to be a Spectre Silver Age Omnibus featuring his appearances in Showcase, Brave and the Bold, Spectre 1-10, Adventure Comics 431-440 and a couple others. I wonder if they’ll include the extra story or two that appeared as new additions (drawn by Aparo) when they reprinted the Adventure Comics stories in one collection back in the 80’s or 90’s. Anyone heard anything?

Bob St.

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Just saw the news as well. It will be all of his main Silver and Bronze Age appearances, minus some team ups. Looking forward to it.

About to crack open my new Grayson omnibus

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