Old timer wants physical copies!

Any chance of Titans being released on blu ray? I’m old fashioned and would like to have a physical copy for my collection.


I don’t like Titans, but a Blu-ray release is inevitable. Any revenue source that contributes to the success of the DCEU and other DC releases I fully support.

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Daredevil has Blu-Rays released one year out, maybe the same for Titans

It would be nice, but I’m worried might not happen…

They should probably keep the exclusivity here for self preservation. A Blu-ray release is not a given today.

I’m also an old-timer. I prefer physical copies of comics, movies and the like. It’s kind of a collectors’ mentality-thing.

Even though I’ll be subscribed to DCU for forever, I’d still buy DVD/Blu-Ray versions of the DCU shows.

Maybe through Warner Archives…

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I asked this question a few weeks ago they said they were looking into it

Titans season one, is incomplete. I wouldn’t bother with a DVD release until season two is done airing.

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I read the other day that Samsung is going to stop producing Blu-ray and 4K Players. That is bad news for physical media.

That’s interesting news. The only 4K Blu-ray player I bought was a Samsung model. Sign of the times.


I too would like to gaze upon the gloriousness of Titans and Doom Patrol and prob Harley Quinn, Swamp Thing and Stargirl box sets next to my Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Breaking Bad collections

That’s disappointing to hear that Samsung will no longer make Blu-ray players. Part of the reason I like physical media over digital is because the internet service in my area isn’t that good. With a disc I can play a movie anytime with no issues, but with digital sometimes the internet acts up which results in poor picture quality, constant loading pauses, or even being unable to watch any videos.

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Last I read at bluray.com, Samsung is still in the Blu-ray player market, they’re just dropping support for 4K UHD players.

I would assume DC/WB will release Blu Ray seasons for all the original content. HBO, owned by WB releases Game of Thrones, West World etc. CBS just released Star Trek Discovery even though they have it on their pay streaming service. A revenue stream is a revenue stream. Finally, the Warner Archive podcast has stated they still sell more DVDs than Blu Rays. Us olds just can’t give up our media and physical media still looks better as it not compressed for streaming.

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I wouldn’t assume that when Samsung announced they will no longer be producing Blu-ray and 4K players here in the US.

The Samsung news was disheartening to me, I own hundreds of Blu-ray’s and still buy the Arrow and the Scream and Shout Factory Blu-ray’s. I just bought Waterworld, the new Arrow Blu-ray, it’s outstanding!

@IssacBrown, that has the extended cut too, right?


Yes! The “ULYSSES” cut! Two hours fifty seven minutes and then the credits roll. I would have to say it is the best version of any Blu-ray I own. Arrow has a new video interview going in-depth on the movie and the making. I highly recommend it for any Blu-ray enthusiast.:+1:t2::+1:t2:

…I’m a Costner fan and I love Dennis Hopper.

Before I just had the extended TV version on regular DVD. The new Arrow Blu-ray has three cuts.