okay who all died and heroes in crisis number one

Okay we got Wally West Flash Roy Harper Arsenal Lagoon boy citizen Steel hotspot formerly known as Joto who else they said there were 10 dead at least I only see 5 in the reviews

Blue Jay from the Justice League international days, an old couple that look like the Kents a woman that could either be Vixen, or if they’re digging deeper, Shondra Kinsolving from the Knightfall story arc.

There is a Lantern’s body on the ground. It might be Kyle, but I’m not up to date on the Lantern comics

Look closely at the old couple and girl, they’re robots. Sanctuary appears to be a mock up of the Kent farm. My guess is the bots represent the Kents and possibly Lana Lang.

Booster and Harley are probably dead too!!