okay I saw Swamp Thing they planning to cancel the show how can they do that so far the show is great I love the storyline I love the way they did the effects of a good show sure and be cancelled fantastic DC stop do not cancel the show reconsider...

This is for the creators of DC Comic for the show Swamp Thing

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There was a tax error and they can’t afford to make season 2 the same quality as season 1, it has nothing to do with its reception

We do sincerely appreciate your love for this show, @diana.rodriguez42.33131, and thank you for the passion that you’ve shown for Swamp Thing. We understand that there have been some rumors concerning this program. Due to the sensitivity of these rumors, we wanted to offer some answers to questions that you might have. We posted a thread in the Watchtower which explains more about Swamp Thing, and you can read more here: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/watchtower/swamp-thing-update-2

If you have any concerns that haven’t been answered, please feel free to leave a comment on the Watchtower thread and it’ll be answered just as soon as possible. We’re going to try to consolidate any information and answers in that thread.

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Best thing people can do is watch it. Certainly great viewing numbers can’t hurt

@msgtv. While I wish that were the case the only thing the suits and bean counters notice is a loss in revenue. Isn’t that what caused this in the first place? This isn’t a network show that relies on viewership to sell ads. It’s a subscription service. I know this is the last thing some people here want to read (because they’re thrilled with the platform’s other offerings) but for those who are truly disappointed the best thing we can do is vote with our wallets.

So i say, if subscription numbers count then we cancel if Swamp Thing ends…All I’m hearing is the show costs alot because it was done right!!! Now it’s being cancelled because it costs money to have a good show…

Gaudiamknot, I don’t disagree. And for whatever reason they think the numbers don’t add up on this show, particularly at how much they reportedly spent per episode. The only thing that maybe could change the equation is subscriber numbers and interest that indicates it’s worth spending. Of course, there’s tax initiatives, foreign sales, DVD, maybe cable down the line, potential cost cutting, etc that would likely add up to bigger factor.